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Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice

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Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice. Discrimination occurs worldwide in every country there are different forms of discrimination, in order to prevent discrimination there are legislations, codes of practice, charters and organisational policies although they are not always followed through some people break these national initiatives and are faced to serve the consequences. Some of the legislation only occurs in certain countries for example the European Convention on human rights and fundamental freedoms 1950 is not eligible in the US or Asia. Legislations are a political act that has been turned into the law and they are to maintain health and safety. There are many legislations put in place for health and social care settings in order to prevent discrimination. One of the main regulations is the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 which has a purpose to protect both men and women against discrimination on the grounds of gender in employment, education or advertising. The mental health Act 1983 is also a very important act when it comes to health and social care settings as the purpose of this act is to allow actions to be taken, where necessary, to make sure that people with mental health difficulties


Although there are times when confidentiality needs to be broken and this is the only time confidentiality is not covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 is when the individual is harming themselves, hiding abusive or potentially abusive situations or if the information threatens the life of an individual these are the only 3 times confidentiality can be broken. The codes of practise and charters are put in place in order to guide health and social care professionals on their roles, rights and responsibilities. They also help those using services what to expect, support and behaviour wise from health and social care staff. Majority of health and social professionals have a charter or code of practice, which they are obligated to follow in order for everything to run smoothly. The codes of practise also give the service users a right to complain if the health and social care professionals are not treating them accordingly. Managers in health and social care have a responsibility to support and guide professionals in their employment to ensure that they promote equality, diversity and rights.


Induction of new staff should ensure that the relevant induction standards are used and that training covers the practical implications of confidentiality, such as how to record, report, store and share information. Staff should understand their role in relation to the policies and procedures of each workplace. Many times in health and social care a patient has an advocate who is supposed to speak on their behalf but instead express their own views as some people who are vulnerable may not be aware of their rights and they need a person to ensure that they receive what they are entitled too although the advocate needs to remember to speak on the patient's behalf. In health and social care settings there must be policies and procedures in place that staff must be aware of by either putting up notices or providing training. Policy and procedures are no use if health and social care professionals do not know them, therefore workplace is vital. Health and social care professionals then have to abide bye the policies and procedures at all time to ensure that people using the services are aware of them too. Beryl S 2010 Health & Social care Level 3

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