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Explain how one pierce of legislation, one policy and one code of practice could be applied to planning support for an individual

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P3: explain how one pierce of legislation, one policy and one code of practice could be applied to planning support for individual. There are several pieces of legislation that need to be applied when organising a package of care and this would include Data Protection Act 1998, which benefits by maintaining confidential, The Data Protection act is a personal act that?s made for every individual also its personal to them. it has to be update likewise have the correct information within it as well as it shouldn?t cotain any form of barriers in it such as jargon, false information, it?s important that information is accurate to avoid problems in future and also it would be breaking the law if information is not accurate for instance if Mrs. Rice medication information isn?t correct then Mrs Rice could have been receiving the wrong medication which could lead to illness and damage her. Make sure documents on electronics e.g. computer have a password to be able to access the documents and paper documents should be kept in a cupboard with locks on in a safe place so that no one can use the documents to take advantage of the clients although people who are working or involved would have access to it but it must be confidential they mustn?t share the information with anybody that isn?t meant to know about the clients. ...read more.


The code of practice Booklet can also include makaton, on a tape as a recording and be played to service user that can?t see this would help the service to understand because message would be sent in the way service user would prefer it. Section 1: This section is about treating each person as an individual with different care plan.consequently,social worker should leave feelings at the door and respect the fact that people are different.? codes of practice will help a member of the public or a person who uses care services understand how workers should do their job and behave towards them?. For instance if a social worker is going to visit Mr khan then they should have simpler version of the code of practice for Mr khan to know what to aspect from social worker it would give Mr. khan knowledge of what is going on in the same way it would build Mr. khan confidence and help him to be able to speak. Code of practice booklet would make sure there are good ways for service user to report dangerous, bad or abusive behaviour. Section 2: This section is about honest and trustworthy, Respect and keep the dignity and privacy of service users. social worker should be able to let clients read care plan if they can to ensure that service user is aware of what?s going on with their health, likewise making sure you don?t make up things to make service user feel better e.g. ...read more.


Care organisations need to recognise that risk assessments are a legal requirement under Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. All care organisations should undertake risk assessment that will identify hazards and the possibility of putting carers and service at risk. Risk assessments at care homes are undertaken by a trained and qualified person they should follow the principles of risk assessment by identifying the potential hazard and putting measures in to protect individual. This can be clearly linked to planning support as all clients should be assessed to see if they are at risk. It also ensures that an individual is able to enjoy a good quality of life and take assessed risks. Two people should be fully trained in safe handling techniques and the equipment to be used should always be involved in the provision of care when the need is identified from manual handling risk assessment. It would help planning support for Angela and Khan because it would help to reduce the harm around them likewise protect their mobility, social activities food, hygiene amongst other daily activities. Care plan is one huge risk assessment because it would help to plan support because all the time carer is writing in care plan to help meet needs in a way where Angela and khan as well as staff don?t get injured, risk assessment is carried out because carer doesn?t want endanger any service user .So therefore each day Angela and Khan are assessed to know how safe they are and to reduce to risk of anything happening. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is fine in the way that the writer has researched several acts and code of practice and lists the various aspects of them. However, the writer has failed to meet the brief and explain how this would be applied to a care plan. Consequently the essay is a mere description of different aspects of legislation.

I feel that if the writer were to plan the essay and use a particular example, it would greatly help in maintaining the focus and answering the question.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 18/07/2013

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