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- Explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society.

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´╗┐Unit 7 ? Positive Images P7.5:- Explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society. 1. Displays When the children and their parent(?s)/guardians entre the class room this is the first thing they will see. When the children did their portrait they had the choice of different shades of skin colour to choose from, instead of just having the option of white or black, there were both. By having this on a display children will recognise that everybody is different, but even though there are differences, we all have equal opportunities and importance in the community and school. This will also help children who may be a minority in the setting feel proud about themselves and who they are. For example children who wear glasses. Children who wear glasses need to see images of other children wearing glasses. This is a positive image. 1. Books, English and Polish Children who are polish and know some English have private lessons to improve their English. By having children?s story books which show polish and also English will help children to improve their English language by seeing the polish, and then the English underneath. ...read more.


So therefore when the child reads or looks through the book they realise that even though the character in the book may have some differences to them, they are still capable and strong. Also showing the child that all children are different but everyone is just as important as one another and deserve the right to learn, be loved and cared for. However, when children are not part of the dominate ethnic group in a society, they may find it more difficult to see positive visual images of themselves. Their teachers, people on the television, children and adults in books are more likely to be of the majority ethnic group, which in the UK is white. The Children Act 1989 recognises that every child has the right to be part of a community that is free from racial discrimination, and also a society that values different backgrounds. P7.6:- Describe a resource which uses positive images There are many more positive images for example; every day two new children are picked as the special helpers. These children?s names are put onto the red and blue hand, which is however displayed up on the wall. ...read more.


For example I let myself learn to a greater understanding of the different cultures which the children were learning about, and even if I didn?t believe in the cultures I realised how important it was for me to reflect upon them positively. I also realised a few things that i wouldn?t have unless I looked for them, for example many of the positive images include children or people who are minority, including black people, disabled, people with glasses, and many more. These people are shown in books, displays, and dolls to show children diversity, and that everybody is equal. I also got the chance to go into this room at my placement where all the multi lingual resources are stored, this interested me that individuals that work with the multi lingual children really put a lot of effort into helping these children, I started to notice that one of the multi lingual teachers came and observed one of the polish children in my class quite regularly. When the children did the displays they painted their face the colour they are. While I supported this activity I noticed that the children don?t even look twice at each other?s differences they just accept each other for who they are. ...read more.

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