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Explain Reasons for consultations and various consultation techniques.

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Explain Reasons for consultations and various consultation techniques A consultation allows you the therapist to gain vital information on the client's physical, social and emotional background to allow you to provide the best treatment you can whilst buliding a strong relationship. That relationship once built should allow the client to feel they are in a safe, confidential, supportive, genuine and warm environment. Also that their views are respected and they are not being judged. However it is a two way process as it also allows the client to gain information on both the treatment offered and also the therapist (in a professional sense only). The consultation is one of the most important parts of the complete therapy process as it is the first contact with the client. ...read more.


Do they have other social contrainsts eg childcare or working hours. Can you as a therapist offer them flexible times for treatment? Psychological The client may for example have a problem with meeting new people and may therefore mind it difficult to open up to the therapist until they are more comfortable. Another may be body image the client may feel selfconscious being undressed under a blanket. Therapists should be aware that not only overweight clients may feel this way. There are many skills that a therapist can employ to make a client feel more at ease to allow a productive relationship to form e.g. Silence A client may find it difficult to discuss a certain medical condition. ...read more.


The client is not there to support you as a therapist and therefore does not want or need to know that your husband also died last year. Unconditional Positive Regard Unconditional positive regard is accepting the person but not the behaviour or attitude. By that I mean that although the client may not behave in a way that you the therapist would deem acceptable for yourself to behave you still accept the client as a human being worthy of warmth, care and respect. You are therefore valuing that person as a human being who as a human being will be prone to make mistakes. By continuing to accept the client it would be possible to build up a trusting relationship which in turn would make them feel valued and safe. ...read more.

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