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Explain the reason why children and young peoples development may not follow the expected pattern.

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3.2 Explain the reason why children and young people's development may not follow the expected pattern. Disability: Resources, equipment, facilities. Possibility of restrictions due to disability i.e. child/young person is unable to use certain parts of there body/communication, therefore they are unable to develop fully in those area. Emotional: May not have a high level of confidence - this could restrict and obstruct emotional attachments, bonding with others. If a child or young person is uncomfortable with conveying and expressing emotion this could effect the emotional development. Children and young people who struggle with emotional development may prefer their own company, therefore their personal space is very important to them. ...read more.


Rural areas may not have the relevant resources or facilities needed to progress in development. If a child is growing and developing around large amounts of pollution this could effect how a child develops through their life. A child's social interaction influences their development so things such as the environment in which they socialise in, whom they socialise with and whether it is during school or after school environments can affect their development. Cultural: Culture can restrict both girls and boys in many areas of development. There may be certain things that children and young people are unable to partake in due to a conflict of beliefs or cultural barriers this can affect a child's social development and interaction skills. ...read more.


Learning Needs: If a disability is neglected or failed to be identified this could significantly affect a child's development process. Not having the correct facilities or resources can obstruct a child's development. If a child or young person is physically not able to progress any further due to the severity of their learning need. Communication: Incorrect/lack of communication resources can impair a child's communication development. If the child or young person is physically unable to communicate, they will be unable to develop this area. Lack of social skills or lack of confidence can negatively influence a child's development. ?? ?? ?? ?? Level 3 Diploma Children & Young People's Workforce CYP 3.1 Understand Child & Young Person Development 1 Signed .............................................L.Gregory .............................................Tutor .....................................Date ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay states the factors that influence development well. They are all covered and clear in their description. However to reach higher mark bands - it needs to explain how the factors affect development. This should then be applied to the case study. Some attempt is made at the case study but it needs more explanation of how it affects development.

To extend and reach top mark band - a little research into theories would help to give understanding of child development and allow greater depth of understanding.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 01/12/2012

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