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Explain the strategies and methods that can be used to support children, young people and their families where abuse is suspected or confirmed

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´╗┐Rebecca Lewis Unit 10 P5 Explain the strategies and methods that can be used to support children, young people and their families where abuse is suspected or confirmed A number of strategies can help to protect children and young people from abuse. There are a number of strategies that help to reduce the risks of abuse and help children and young people realise that they have the right to be safe, secure and free from harm. Respect must be earned it is not demanded or earned and once gained it can easily be destroyed. Consideration should always be showed for other people?s viewpoints and differing opinions need to appreciate. Once respect is found individuals may confide in you or inform you of changes or difficulties they are facing within the family unit. This information could then explain changes in their behaviour and make it possible for you to help the child through a difficult experience. It is important to remember that the child or young person is at the center and that they are the people who need to be empowered and supported so they can take control of their lives. They should be encouraged to develop strategies that may enable them to avoid situations that put them at risk. ...read more.


Everyone involved needs to trust you and be aware that you wish to establish good links with all involved. Parents and families may regard you as a role model and someone they can talk to regarding their child or young person. It is important that the child is at the center and that everyone works together for the well-being of the child or young person. In many cases parents have vital information about the specific needs of their children and about any problems they may be trying to come to terms with. Assessments of a child?s needs must involve their parents in order to gain an accurate overall picture. Parents must be aware of the importance of their contribution to the assessment process and they must feel valued. In some cases the parents share a responsibility for the situation but if the family is to be supported as a whole, then all contributions must be valued and parents? feelings respected. Parenting skills do not always come naturally to some people especially if they were raised in a family situation where those skills were lacking. There are many courses available on developing parenting skills although some people no not like to admit that they need help in this area. ...read more.


Workers in this sector must have a sensitive and supportive nature as well as being calm and patient. Play therapy is used both to diagnose and treat children and young people who have been through traumatic experiences. Using play therapy, they can live out their fears and express emotions in safe and secure environments with staff who are highly trained and who can support them at times of need. Counselling is an important service that is provided for everyone involved in cases of abuse. There are specially trained personnel who are equipped to offer counselling specifically for the young. There are several charities and voluntary organisations that help children and young people at risk. These may be the first point of contract for anyone who suffers abuse or who is aware of abusive situations. Organisations such as the NSPCC have specific campaigns to involve members of the public in trying to stop child abuse. Other organisations, such as ChildLine, provide telephone numbers for anyone seeking advice. They all have an important role to play in supporting the authorities and those in abusive situations. Community support networks have been set up to provide links with agencies, which can provide specific support for anyone with problems. They provide information about a wide range of services that may be beneficial for families with children and young people. ...read more.

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