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Explore the theory of effective communication in health and social care

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´╗┐Samantha Oakes ________________ Developing effective communication in health and social care Explore the theory of effective communication in health and social care When communicating with people it?s not as straight forward as just talking. Communication involves a whole range of different aspects such as; active listening; verbal communication; non-verbal communication; language and barrios. (Beryl Stretch, 2007) Which all play an important role within the health care industry. Working in health care is about communication and relationships. It is not possible to provide a care service without developing relationships, so communication plays an essential part of building a relationship. No matter on the type of relationship. As there is a diverse range of people who use the health care service it is important for the professionals to develop effective communication skills. (Collins education) If there is no communication there is no platform for a relationship to begin. There has to be some sort of a relationship between the professional and patient in order to establish what the problem is (with the patient). If patient feels like there is no relationship or trust then there will be a lack of communication as they could feel embarrassed or intimidated, this could also be a barrier that effects communication. ...read more.


problems or needs, contribute to team meetings, and provide support, which means the care worker has to show empathy and to deal with problems. Having good verbal communication is the ability to both explain and listen to other people. No matter who the audience is, verbal communication will be used in most situations, the only thing that will be different depending on the type of patient would be the style of approach. For example if a nurse was dealing with a young child, her tone would be a lot softer and gentler then if she was talking to a middle aged patient. When talking about what is wrong with a young child, the nurse would avoid using long technical words and keep the conversation as short as possible as the child might not understand and could lose concentration. But when speaking to the middle aged patient, the nurse would use long technical words and have more of an in-depth conversation. As well as using verbal communication, people also use forms of non verbal communication. Non verbal communication is a form of communication that does not use words (Collins education). ...read more.


It is important and respectful to look towards the individual speaking. In health care there are a lot of team meetings going on within the wards so it is crucial that the professionals carry out these things especially when their boss or manger is around. Not only do group conversations happen in team meetings but they also taken place around a patients bed. If group communication is carried out well then the patient will be more relaxed and feel more comfortable meaning they will be more cooperative. When giving feedback it is a good idea to follow something called the feedback sandwich. The feedback sandwich is a way of giving constructive criticism, it is structured in three ways. Firstly there is a positive comment made, this could be about what they did and how they did it well. Secondly the feedback is given, this is advice on how they can improve what they are doing wrong. Then to finish there would be another positive comment made. An example of this would be ?Hey Susan, your interacting with the patients really well but one thing I would appreciate that you could improve is to do the patients checkups slightly quicker instead of standing around talking. ...read more.

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