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Factor's affecting Joe's (chosen child's) development

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Factors affecting Joe's development There are several factors that can affect child's physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cognitive and language development. Although Joe's mum had already told me about Joe's condition and that he had brain tumor since the age of two years old, and how this affected his life but this was not enough information for me to write about or discuss in detail. So, in order to get more information about the factors that have affected Joe, I arranged an in-depth interview with Joe's mum. I chose to do an in-depth interview because I felt that I could ask her further questions if I needed to and I also do not know much about Joe's development and the factors that might have affected him in childhood. So, I knew that my chosen method is likely to be reliable and valid. I can not do this in a questionnaire or survey because it is not face-to-face and I can not ask her for further explanation on any thing I might not understand. Questionnaires and Surveys might not be reliable or valid either in this case. Moreover, I chose this method of in-depth interview because I can note down her feelings and how she as a lone parent felt and fought against some of the barriers Joe might have faced. I planned to raise four main factors in the interview which might affect the development of children. The three main factors I decided to discuss with Joe's mum were; family, environmental factors, and psychological and behavioral factors. So, before actually interviewing Joe's mum, I organized my self by jotting down the three main factors I was going to raise as my three sub-headings so that as she speaks to me about those I could write it under each heading. However, I have also discussed some of the other factors that were not on my list but were very important factors which Joe's mum raised. ...read more.


She then told me that this has affected his emotional development in a very positive way because he does not get mood swings and can consternate better during the day because of full relaxed sleeps at night times. Moreover, Joe's mum explained how the moving houses affected Joe's social development in a positive way. She mentioned that Joe now has room to himself which means that he has more space to play, study, and call his friends around to play or for sleep over. She told me that this has really helped Joe in his social development and he can now socialize more because he has his room which he likes to have. Psychological and behavioral problems When I started speaking to Joe's mum about any psychological or behavioral problems that might have affected Joe's development, she explained that Joe was never one of those stubborn boys who always want every thing they could possibly think of. She explained that although Joe use to have one of those tantrums like ones a week which probably every child gets. However, tantrums are part of child's development and they are normal however if they continue to go on for long time this shows that there is something wrong with the child. She explained that Joe is a very friendly boy and never had one of those behavioral problems that some children have. Joe's mum also mentioned that Joe still has some what some people would call behavioral problems but she said she would not call them behavioral problems at all. She mentioned that because of Joe's brain tumor his development was quite slow compared to most of the children in his class. She mentioned that he takes time figuring even normal things out and sometimes he gets really annoyed and walks out of the class when the other pupil in the class tell me to "hurry up" especially when reading a bit slow or even doing small things concerned with child's gross motor skills such as gluing and sticking. ...read more.


She explained that other then that Joe was more than happy to eat what he was given to eat and even eat fruits and vegetables which some children might find not very nice in taste. At last she explained that Joe's sensory skills have improved so much since his operation. Birth weight and Heredity When I raised the issue of birth weight front of Joe's mum. She started off with explaining how big Joe was at birth. She said this was because Joe's dad and she are quite big which means that Joe has inherited and therefore his weight was quite a lot at birth which was no surprise for her at birth. She mentioned that as he grew older his weight increased. She continued by saying that this affected his physical health. She explained that Joe was quite healthy at birth and always finished all his food. Alcohol conception during pregnancy/Drugs taken during pregnancy/ Smoking during pregnancy When I raised the issue of misuse of substance during pregnancy front of Joe's mum, she mentioned that she did not take any types of drugs during pregnancy. She also mentioned that although she smokes but during pregnancy she stopped smoking completely for the health of her coming baby. She continued by saying that there was very little alcohol conception during her pregnancy. She mentioned that this had a positive impact on Joe's physical health. Joe's mum told me that Joe was quite healthy after birth, she backed her point up by saying that he always ate well and there were no problems at all. However, she mentioned that after about 1 year there were problems and at first we did not know what was wrong with him and we only started figuring it out when he was about 2. She mentioned that, this is when we found out that he had brain tumour which later on affected his physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cognitive and language development which I have mentioned in the start underneath the title "condition" ...read more.

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