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Factors Affecting Health and Well-Being.

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________________ Task 2 ? Factors effecting health and well- being Many different factors affect a person?s health and well-being. Health and well-being mean different things to different people. According to the Oxford dictionary, health is ?the state of being free from an illness or a disease? and well-being means ?the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.? A person?s social, economic, cultural and physical environment in how people live their lives has a huge effect on their health and well-being. However a person?s genetics and behaviour also play a significant part in determining an individual?s health and well-being. Good health starts at where we live, where and how we work and learn and where to play. Lifestyle Diet Diet is a crucial part of the way a person chooses to live their life. It is essential a person has a balanced diet because it has a huge effect on their lives. A balanced diet is a diet that consists of the right nutrients in the right quantities for healthy growth and repair. The Eat Well plate shows the proportions of food groups that should be eaten daily in a well-balanced diet. The east well plate shows that a healthy diet should be high in both fruit and vegetables, and in starchy foods such as bread and pasta. It shows that you should have a smaller amount of dairy products such as milk and cheese and also have sources of protein like meat and fish within your diet. Foods that have are high in sugar or fat are needed in much smaller amounts such as chocolate and crisps. A balanced diet consist of six food groups which are, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Fibres, Minerals and Vitamins. Carbohydrates are made from simple sugars such a glucose which is used to give us a high amount of energy. Carbohydrates are found in foods such as potatoes, bread, pasta and chocolate. ...read more.


This can reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, and depression. This can also decrease the risk of a hip or vertebral fracture and help control an individual?s weight. Social factors Family A family could have a lot of influence over an individual?s health and well-being. For example if a person has inherited a disease it could have a huge effect of their lives. Also if a person was born into a single-parent household then they might be in a low social-economic group. However if a person was born into a deprived background could live in a substandard housing with poor-quality food because they have a low income. This means that physical health of family is related to the families? economic situation by their eating habits and type of housing. Attitudes towards health are usually learnt throughout the family, for example if the parents are afraid to go to the dentist then there?s a more likely chance that There are four aspects of health, physical, intellectual, social and emotional. These effects can have both negative and positive effects to an individual and their health. One of the positive effects of physical affects is that a family could feed an individual so they can?t keep control of their own diet and watch what they?re eating. However a negative effect is that letting your family feed you could affect your diet and could potentially physically abuse you. One of the positive intellectual effects could be individual?s parents/older brothers or sisters might motivate them to do well in life or could help with specific homework. However a negative intellectual effect could be younger brothers and sisters might distract a member of the family from doing homework/work. Another negative effect could be family can also teach other members in the family to do wrong things such as smoking and drinking. A negative emotional effect to family can be them constantly putting an individual down for the way they look so they will then feel distressed and upset. ...read more.


This may cause the patient to feel embarrassed because they couldn't get into their local doctors surgery which may make them not want to find another doctors surgery encase the same issue arise. People who have disabilities often have a higher risk for grater health problems. As a result of having a type of disability, such as a spinal cord injury, spinal bifida, or multiple sclerosis, other physical or mental health conditions can occur. Some of these other health conditions are also called secondary conditions and might include: * Bowel or bladder problems: this could be due to a person having to hold to go to the toilet as they aren?t able to go on their own and don?t want to seek for help. * Fatigue: this is the feeling of tiredness, wariness or lack of energy which can affect the way a person thinks and feels and also interfere with a person?s daily living activities. * Injury: any individual who has difficulty when walking or have weak muscles may be prone to falling other which can cause them serious injuries. * Mental health and depression: an individual with a disability may feel very sad that this has happened to them and has changed their life so it can lead to depressions and many other different forms of mental illnesses. * Overweight and obesity: if a person is in a wheelchair and they are unable to move their legs then it would be easier for them to gain weight as they are unable to take part in physical activities which over a long period of time can result in obesity. Quality of life Quality of life refers to the general well-being of an individual and society. This includes all social, emotional, economical, and physical aspects of an individual?s life. Ill-health can have a negative impact on an individual?s quality of life as it can be debilitating If an individual is ill then it can affect other aspects of their life. It could affect a person?s job as they might be too ill to go to work, ...read more.

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