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Factors Inflencing Communication

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  • Submitted: 13/11/2008
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AS and A Level Healthcare

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Unit 1 - P3

Factors Influencing Communication

Communication is the sharing and exchanging of information. Many methods can be used to do this including verbal and non-verbal. Communication, for most people, is a simple task that requires little effort and is used day to day throughout the world, but for some people, however, it can be a hard and strenuous task. There are many reasons why this may be including people who have been affected by illnesses such as Dysphasia, an impairment of speech and the comprehension of speech, also Aphasia, the loss of the ability to produce or comprehend language. Many other things can also cause barriers between communication such as language, a person's preferred spoken language, and the environment in which you are in.

There are many purposes to communication in a health and social care setting, the main, and obvious one is to get messages across, such as how a patient might be feeling or what they want, or a member of staff telling a patients what medication they need or what's wrong with them.

There are many factors that influence communication. One of these factors is an individual's preferred

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