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Factors that have positively affected the individuals health and well-being.

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Factors that have positively affected the individual's health and well-being. There are several factors that positively influence the health and well-being of my individual. The first one I am going to talk about is that he only drinks 4units of alcohol a week. This is very good because health guidelines set out a maximum weekly alcohol intake of 14 to 21units for women and 21 to 28units for men. However; the belief that one glass of wine equals one unit of alcohol is only true when that glass contains 125ml and the wine is around 8 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume). Today, many wines are 12 or 13 per cent ABV, and most standard wine glasses contain 175ml - 2.3 which equals to 3 units. 'a decade ago, we used to like small, crystal glasses - but now most customers choose a large, plain wine glass,' said a spokesman for john Lewis, whose best-selling wine glass, the Vino large, holds 500ml. and as the wine, the strength of beer and lager has also increases - and a pint of stronger beer is now the equivalent of three units. According to U.S. National Institution on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a safe daily limit for those aged 65 and over is just one unit of alcohol a day. That means half a pint of normal - strength beer, one measure of spirits, a 50 ml glass of sherry or a 125 ml glass of wine. ...read more.


If we take no exercise we may be putting our health at risk, and exercise has other positive effects on our well-being. It has many psychological effects, for example it builds confidence, helps relive stress, improves self-esteem, gives a general feeling of well-being, it is a great way to socialise. Exercise changes our body's composition. It increases the amount of muscle we have and reduces our fat levels. Babies, from the moment that they are born, begin to exercise their muscles. Children exercise in all their activities and sport is a major part of growing up for most people. It protects our physical as well as our emotional well-being. It also helps protect us against diseases in later life such as osteoporosis. It will mean he will not loose his self control or destroy relationships, he doesn't become bankrupt and loose all his money on alcohol, he could still get liver infections but he hasn't got as higher risk. Alcohol acts as a sedative on the brain. It also affects our self control because it is also a depressant, because he isn't a heavy drinker he isn't alcohol dependant. Another positive fact is hygiene. He is very hygienic. Personal cleanliness promotes our good health and well-being. Regular washing and attention to our personal hygiene helps to control the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Left uncontrolled, some of these organisms could cause disease and illness. Our body provides an ideal breeding ground for some of these organisms. ...read more.


Illegal drugs can be used to give pleasure, energy and physical stimulation. These effects are usually short-lived; the long-term effects, however, are often damaging. Physically, some drugs can destroy the persons body and mind. People who take illegal drugs on a regular basis may take to crime to provide cash to support their habit. There are many different illegal drugs such as: cannabis or hash, draw, ganja, marijuana, spliff, weed and the effects to these are craving for food, feeling anxious, more alert and talkative, and lack of energy. And the dangers are impairs concentration, tiredness, lack of energy, anxiety, paranoia, respiratory, disease and lung cancer in long-term users. LSD, acid, trips, tabs have dangers of flashbacks which can be frightening from a bad trip, can complicate mental health problems, increasing tolerance to the drug. Heroin or h, henry, smack, gear, horse, junk have dangers of addiction, increasing tolerance to the drug, death if impure or taken in excess, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B when sharing needles, damage to veins at the injection sites. Ecstasy or E, XTC, doves and this has risks of overheating and dehydration, possible liver and kidney problems, and it may lead to brain damage. Cocaine, coke, Charlie, snow has dangers such as damage to veins at injection sites, can cause chest and heart problems, addiction. Amphetamines, speed, sulph, whiz, uppers have dangers like tiredness/depression, anxiety, long-term use can lead to mental illnesses and puts strain on heart. Solvents, glue, aerosol, petrol, lighter fluid, hairspray have dangers such as vomiting, nausea, black-outs, death from heart problems or suffocation, increased risk of accidents, liver and kidney damage in long-term uses. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kristen Beckett ...read more.

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