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Factors that influence communication and interactions with relation to health and social care

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Jordan Palmer 23/10/08 Unit 1 - P3 Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal reaction Type of Communication There are different types of communication which can be used: spoken, written, sign/symbol, one to one, ICT, non verbal. Environment A big factor of how the environment can influence communication is how comfortable the participants are. The more comfortable someone is in an environment the better a sender and receiver of messages they will be. Someone will be comfortable in an environment if they have a close bond to other participants or there is a nice, easy atmosphere between participants. For example at a sexual health clinic both the service user and the professional will know that the service user is here to share something very private and sensitive with someone they have no bond with, this will make the service user uneasy and nervous so they may stutter their words when describing symptoms as they are uneasy about what the reaction of the professional will be. Another factor about the environment that will influence communication is lighting. ...read more.


to make the communication short and sharp as you have to consider due to their illness how much input the resident can take in and possibly remember or know how to respond to. Sensory disabilities play a large part in influencing communication too, a sensory disability is anything that affects the senses. For example in a deaf school to communicate with a student you wouldn't talk to them because they can't hear you. You would have to find another way to communicate. Culture Culture influences communication as people are different in so many different areas, their; background, religion, ethnic class, gender, age. All of these areas contain restriction on communication whether it is the type of the communication or the content. For example in a case being dealt with by social services a Muslim woman would not be able to talk to a male professional as in her religion the only male she is to have contact with is her husband. Another example is at a hospital a Muslim woman would not be able to be treated by a man as it is unacceptable for any woman of her religion to be touched by any other man than her husband or male family members. ...read more.


For example in a hospital if a service user died in theatre the nurse would have to tell the family waiting outside, they would not just go out and say so and so is dead as that is insensitive. They would think carefully about the most appropriate way to tell the family, they would probably end up with the idea of going into the room, sitting the family down, lowering to their level and maybe comforting them by placing a hand on their hand or shoulder and quietly and slowly saying that unfortunately so and so passed away in theatre. It is a sensitive way of delivering a complex and difficult communication. Emotion/Personality Someone's self esteem can influence communication because for example in an adoption home a child may have low self esteem so they think no one wants to communicate with them, therefore making them unapproachable to others as they will give the impression they are not open to communication. If someone is unstable they may scare people as they think that if they try and communicate with the person they will be on a completely different wavelength and the communication would just be awkward so people don't bother to try and communicate. ...read more.

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4 star(s)

This report meets the aims stated within the title, it is precise and demonstrates a very good level of subject knowledge and understanding. the writer has obviously had experience of various care settings and has applied each factor affecting communication well giving full explanations of how a barrier can be overcome. ****

Marked by teacher Michelle Turrell 01/03/2013

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