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factors that support and inhabit communication

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Communication are done to exchange information, messages etc. The effectiveness of messages depends upon the way we say it. However the communication can be inhabited or supported by inappropriate or appropriate communications which are described below. Positioning Positioning can create barrier on receiving messages and interpreting messages which inhibit communication. If we cannot see each other then it will inhibit communication. In care setting, it is important to keep our eyes in the same level as the person that we are communicating. But it is an important to consider positioning while working with different people having different difficulties. For example in early year setting, children look at our facial expression, tone of voice, etc to understand us and in elderly care setting, people having hearing difficulties can read our lips to understand us etc. therefore in care setting, it is important to have positioning to understand them as well as us. Seating pattern send different messages. They are based upon the certain types of discussion, meetings, etc. While having a group communication it is important to have appropriate positioning as it influence on how a group works. ...read more.


But ignorant of service user because of tiredness, stress, assumptions, lack of time etc affect the communication as it makes service users to feel devalued, aloud, scared etc. The ability of building relationship with each other influence in communication. Trust, respect, listening etc. helps them to feel comfortable. If we trust someone then we can share information, if we respect them then they respect us and so on. The relationship is depends upon all these things. So it is important to consider the emotional impact and communicate to meet emotional needs of service users. Some people who are shy in nature and gets nervous they don't communicate a lot with other people. So by being assertive, it helps them to control their emotion rather than running away. In care setting, there are different people of different nature. Service providers have to deal wisely having patience. They have to control over their emotion so that they can provide the good care and overcome the barriers. There are three types of behavior. ...read more.


In order to build up relationship, we can take them to our office for private talk, making the chair and the environment in office comfortable etc. Even a single disturbance can effect on effective communication. For examples, in a class room while teacher is teaching then two of the student are making noises then it distract the concentration of other student as well as teacher. These affect rest of other student in understanding. So it is important that environmental conditions are concerned while communicating. Special needs All of the people are not physically and mentally capable. We can see people looking physically and mentally fit but they might have problem of hearing. So we cannot tell what's their problems and disabilities are until we understand them. Different service users might have different communication needs. Some service user might have limited vision. So they need to hear or touch in order to understand. Some service user might have difficulties on hearing. They need to see people clearly, lip-read, quite place, non-verbal communication etc. Some service users might have English as a second language so it is important to have interpreter to communicate. It is very important to choose the appropriate types communication. It helps on building relationship and exchange information. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This is a very good essay though I do not feel that it is quite complete. It discusses some barriers to communication well but there are a few missing or requiring a more detailed explanation.

There is good use of examples but the work could be enhanced by suggesting ways to overcome the barriers.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 06/09/2013

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