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Fire! Discuss health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health or social care setting.

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M3: Discuss health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health or social care setting. In a health and social care setting such as a hospital there are many incidents and emergencies that can occur, as I have already discussed in my P4. One emergency I have chosen to discuss in further detail is in the case of a ?fire?, and the health, safety and security concerns that could arise in this situation. In the case of a fire, standard procedures and priorities include the evacuation of all individuals inside the building, i.e. the hospital. There are many concerns that are brought up, when discussing emergencies such as a fire taking place within a hospital setting. ...read more.


Another health concern that could arise in the case of a fire includes the effects of the fire and/or the fire itself harming the service users, health care professionals or any other individual inside the building trying to get out. Usually thick smoke from a fire does not harm individuals, however this can differ when taking into account the level, extent, and duration of exposure to the smoke. Also factors like the age of the individual, individual susceptibility. These all play a significant role in determining whether or not someone will experience smoke-related problems. As many of the service users within the hospital may already be in a vulnerable state, the exposure to smoke may worsen their condition if not addressed quickly. ...read more.


However there are many different floors, wards and sectors in a hospital, and a lot of people inside the hospital with different levels of ability to safely leave the hospital without the aid of others. This alone can be a safety issue, as service users within the hospital who may be less able to leave the premises on their own, may be kept waiting inside the potentially dangerous building longer than others which in turn leads to then being exposed to the smoke and or harmful chemicals within the air. Also during the chaos of leaving the building there may be a lot of pushing and shoving involved as everybody tries to get out of the building. With a lack of safety for service users, this can lead to accidents. These can be both minor and serious. ...read more.

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