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Gardening Injuries.

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  • Essay length: 1548 words
  • Submitted: 01/12/2003
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AS and A Level Healthcare

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Gardening Injuries

Gardening can be extremely therapeutic and a good form of exercise for many people if carried out with care. Although gardening seems relaxing and suitable for anyone, in reality it involves some of the some of the toughest physical work a person does all year. Even in a small garden, tasks may include digging, raking, bending, reaching, lifting and carrying, which use muscles that perhaps have not been exercised for weeks or months. Injuries often result from inappropriate or excessive lifting or carrying, or to overzealous activities such as digging, fence painting or hedge cutting.

Back problems

Many garden activities can lead to back problems, including pulling weeds, raking a lawn and digging. Other potentially harmful causes of low back pain are frequent squatting and kneeling required for planting and weeding. Disc prolapse can occur in the garden but more commonly seen are pulled muscles and generalised muscle soreness due to unaccustomed use. Prevention of back injuries is the best option an can be lessened by avoiding digging for long periods, using wheelbarrows and other appropriate lifting gear for heavy duties and remembering appropriate lifting techniques involving bending the legs and keeping the back

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