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Give practical examples of how Queensland could balance the rights and responsibilities of its service users to provide quality care.

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AO1: Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings Task 1D: Give practical examples of how Queensland could balance the rights and responsibilities of its service users to provide quality care. In care settings the term quality practice is used to describe the promotion of service users` rights, which are essentially the same rights that are afforded to everyone else, such as the right to marry and freedom of expression; Care workers must actively promote the rights of service users in order to maintain quality practice. One of the toughest things is to balance out rights and responsibilities. It means taking ownership not only of your "stuff", but also keeping an eye out for the other people as well. ...read more.


It would be the care workers' responsibility to assess (in collaboration with the service user) whether the amount of risk attached to certain activities is acceptable or not. Service users have the right to take risks, but the carers involved have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the service user. This is how in situations rights and responsibilities in Queensland are balanced: * If there are seven disable service users, and they all need a wheelchair for going out, and sometimes Queensland have a day out, now there is tension arisen here as not all of the disable service users would be allowed to go spend their day out, the solution for this problem would be that some of he disable service users have to stay behind and go ...read more.


It allows service users to make decisions and have their rights obtained. This helps quality practice because it gives them a right to choice and also gives them the right care they need. * Care workers must show respect to service users and present this in their way of communication. This includes body language. They have a right to be treated with respect and doing this is quality care because it shows service users that you are valuing them. E.g. care workers should talk to the service users with respect. Ella is eating whilst she is talking to one of the service users. This is not showing respect and effective communication because she is not paying full concentration on the service user. Queensland residential home provide quality care and they make sure service users rights and responsibilities are balanced. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is an example where the writer has made the assumption that the reader knows about the care setting. They don't, and it makes it very difficult to put it into context.

Never make this assumption and always try to 'set the scene'. That way, you will be able to back it up with examples and explanations and greatly improve the essay.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 06/09/2013

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