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Growth and Development

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Health & Social Care First Month * Make jerky, quivering arm movements * Bring hands near face * Keep hands in tight fists * Move head from side to side while lying on stomach * Focus on objects 8 to 12 inches away * Prefer human faces to other shapes * Prefer black-and-white or high-contrast patterns * Hear very well * Recognize some sounds, including parents' voices 3 Months Motor Skills * Lift head when held at your shoulder * Lift head and chest when lying on his stomach * Turn head from side to side when lying on his stomach * Follow a moving object or person with his eyes * Grasp rattle when given to her or him * Wiggle and kick with arms and legs * Bring hands to his or her mouth * Grab & shake toys * Open & shut hands * ...read more.


bottle during feeding * Explore by mouthing and banging objects * Move toys from one hand to another * Pull up to a sitting position on her own if you grasp her hands * Sit with only a little support * Roll over * Bounce when held in a standing position Sensory and Thinking Skills * Open his mouth for the spoon * Imitate familiar actions you perform Language and Social Skills * Babble, making almost sing-song sounds * Know familiar faces * Laugh and squeal with delight * Scream if annoyed * Smile at himself or herself in a mirror By 12 months of age Motor Skills * Drink from a cup with help * Feed himself or herself finger food like raisins * Grasp small objects by using her thumb and index or forefinger * Use his or her first finger to poke or point * ...read more.


adults * Show apprehension about strangers * Raise her or his arms when she/he wants to be picked up * Understand simple By their 2nd Birthday * Walk alone * Pull toys behind them while walking * Carry large toy or several toys while walking * Begin to run * Kick a ball * Climb on and off furniture without help * Walk up and down stairs while holding on to support * Scribble with crayon * Build tower of four blocks or more * Recognize names of familiar people, objects and body parts * Say several single words (by 15 to 18 months) * Use simple phrases (by 18 to 24 months) * Use two- to four-word sentences ("want snack") * Follow simple instructions * Begin to sort objects by shapes and colours * Begin to play make-believe * Imitate behaviour of others * Show growing independence ...read more.

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