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Hazards in a health care situation and their solutions.

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Hazards Risk Remove/reduce risk Record Evaluation legislation The ward was short staffed This means that there are not enough staff to care for all the patients, so if serious injury were to happen there may not be enough staff to cope with the injury. Therefore resulting in the patient not receiving the correct care If the problem is chronic, it is therefore a serious matter that must be referred upwards to senior management. Staff should always be there when they are needed and if someone phones in sick or has booked off then cover should be readily available. The manager on the ward should have an account of each member of staff that should be working along with names and phone numbers of people who may be able to cover those who are absent Staff absence should be checked regularly to see if their attendance is satisfactory, if not then this should be passed on to the manager's boss to see if their job should be evaluated. The health and safety at work act (1974) - this piece of legislation is important as the health and safety of the patients and service users is being put into jeopardy. Staff members were working across all areas of the ward. ...read more.


Infection control policy Visitors sat on beds and some patients had as many as 6 visitors When someone is sitting on a bed they may have left pathogens and germs on the bed behind them. If the patient is already ill it would be easy for them to get another infection causing the patient's condition to worsen There should be chairs available for visitors to sit on and there should be notices on the walls stating that there should only be 2 visitors per patient Visitors for each patient should be recorded to protect the patient Nurses should regularly take walks around the ward to see if everything is okay and if any visitors are sitting on the beds. The situation should be monitored There is a visiting policy in place within all hospitals under the NHS. It states that visitors must adhere to infection control measures and they must use chairs provided. It also states that there should be a maximum of 3 visitors per patient A woman had brought in a fresh cream cake and distributed out to all patients Patients could have intolerance to dairy products and the cake could have had germs or bacteria in it, giving direct entry into the body. ...read more.


also have washed his hands before putting the new gloves on If anyone seen this they should have reported it to the ward manager to prevent cross infection The doctor is aware that you must change gloves and wash hands between patients PPE (1992) states that PPE must be worn and it must be supplied by the employer or manager Mr Rush continued to have diarrhoea and Mr Rogers was suffering from the same symptoms Mr Rush may have passed on his infection to Mr Rogers which means that precautions must be taken to prevent anyone else becoming contaminated Mr Rush should have been isolated, but now both men should be isolated to prevent any further spread of infection Records should be kept of patient symptoms to prevent the spread of infection Mr Rush should have been isolated and one nurse should have been in charge of taking care of him, she have been supplied with personal protective equipment to prevent her becoming infected or spreading it into the ward Hospitals have an isolation policy which states that if a patient is suffering from a contagious disease they must be isolated but must still receive the correct standard of care Patrick O Hagan Mrs Wilson Infection, prevention & control ...read more.

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