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Health and Patients.

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Health and Patients An essential part of providing holistic care within the NHS is taking into consideration more than the clinical treatment, it is crucial to accommodate the personal, social and psychological needs of the patient by respecting patients as diverse individuals In this essay I will discuss one patient I cared for in particular. To protect the patients rights to confidentially as stated in the NMC code of professional conduct (ref;theme 5.nmc professional code of conduct) supported by the data protection act (data protection reference 1997) all Names and locations will be changed the patient and family have also given me their consent and it is with their permission I write this essay. The patient in this essay will henceforth be known as Tim. Tim was a 13 year old male born from a causation English background lives in a middle class family of three siblings all younger, a newly married mother and stepfather. The family unit are practicing johavia witnesses. Tim has missed a lot of schooling due to time he has spent in hospital due to several orthopaedic conditions but despite the hurdles he is intelligent and mature for his age. ...read more.


To asitain Tim's individual needs a admission assessment took place, this is a important tool which covers many categories such as the physiological history of the patient as well as the psychological needs such as sleep patterns eating habits, religious needs, phobias, relationship with parents, play preferences. In the admission assessment it came to light that Tim was no longer in communication with his biological father and referred to his step father as father, he was phobic of needles, and his family were a Christian denomination called Jehovah Whiteness, this religious belief would have implications in the treatment that Tim would and would not be given. The assessment also brought into light that he had self image issues cimcuventing thas from a large amount of scar tissue from a prevous operation , the combnation of his hipdysplasia and the Apart from the normal religious needs of a Christian such as a place to pray Johavah Witnesses believe that it is a act against Jehovah (god) to have any blood product i.e. ...read more.


In other words, there is no specific age when a child becomes competent to consent to treatment: it depends both on the child and on the seriousness and complexity of the treatment being proposed." (ref: seeking consent working with children. Department of health http://www.dh.gov.uk/assetRoot/04/06/72/04/04067204.pdf) Fortunately Tim did not need any blood products . Post operation Tim's mobility was greatly affected so I assisted in helping with a lot of his personal care such as washing dressing and going to the toilet, the emphasis on empowering Tim by getting him to as much as he could with out help. Due to his age he preferred a male helping rather than a female nurse this was requested in the initial admissions assessment as he felt uncomfortable with females including his mother particiating in his day to day care. Tim was placed in a ward bay with three girls so extra care was given to protect his dignity during these tasks. Throughout the admissions assessment and day to day care planning I feel I respected Tim as a individual by following the nursing process taking into account his family backround. ...read more.

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