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Health and safety in a computer room

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Health and safety report of M11U Health and safety in a computer room is very important as the misuse of the computer room may lead to certain problems both physically and mentally. Using a computer for a long period of time can affect your health in different ways. The following report will contain details about the health and safety risks in using the computer and how to combat them, and a study of the Laws & Guidelines Health and Safety risks and ways to combat them 1. RSI- RSI stands for repetitive stain injury. Doing the same thing for a long time can cause this. 2. Eye strain- this is when you look at a VDU screen for a long time. Particularly at looking at a flickering screen or in bad light of glare. 3. Stress- this occurs when you are too concentrated on something. It is the feeling of anxiety fear, anger, frustration and depression. 4. ELF radiation- Elf stands for extremely low frequency. Electro-magnetic fields cause this. VDU screens give out radiation at the back and sides. Pregnant women are at most at risk. 5. ...read more.


Do not have casters that roll easily on the floor. The chair should be able to swivel and has five and not four lags. A poor sitting position can also give people a backache. 6. The risk of RSI can be minimised if a computer user is able to sit in a comfortable, upright position when working. To be able to do this they need adjustable chairs and tables, wrist pads, and footrests. 7. A VDU screen can strain your eyes. VDUs give out radiation at the back and sides and may cause most damage to pregnant women. It is best to keep the computers around 2 metres away from each other to decrease the risk of ELF radiation. 8. A computer worktable should be fully adjustable. The keyboard should ideally be adjustable so that the operator's arms are horizontal when the hands are on the keys. 9. There are ways of hiding wires. You could put the wires under the carpet or hide them behind the work desks. ...read more.


3. Furniture and equipment the furniture and equipment should make the user feel comfortable. There should be an adjustable chair, a stable work surface with an adjustable keyboard and mouse platform. 4. Glare-free screen The screen should be glare free. Check that the position of the monitor is free from bright lights 5. Manage computer use time the risks of any postural problems associated with computer use depend upon the length of time that you child uses the computer without taking a rest break and doing something else. An assessment of the health and safety risks in M11U The computer room M11U does not have any blinds on the windows. None of the computers used by the pupils have adjustable chairs or desks. Some of the computers are facing the windows and some pupils are less than the recommended 2 metres away from the backs of the computers. There is some air conditioning and ventilation. But it isn't enough for the whole computer room. Most of the computers are around 2 metres away from each other although some; mainly the ones on the edge are not. The cables are mostly hidden away although there are ma few straw wires around the room. ...read more.

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