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Health and Safety Legislation and its importants to sport.

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Claire Watts. Health and Safety Legislation and its important on sport. HSWA is an enabling act. HSWA stands for Health and Safety at Work Act. It allows more regulations to be brought into practice when they become necessary. The need to bring more regulations into action is due to major incidents occurring. A good example is The Hillsborough Disaster. * Liverpool VS Nottingham * 10,000 fans * More tickets sold to Liverpool * Liverpool fans put in smaller section * 3 gates and 7 turn styles in use for all 10,000 fans * Metal fence * Fans inside the grounds were struggling to breathe as the numbers swelled To make matters worse there was already a previous incident in 1981 which should have acted as a warning sign of the tragedy. They should have learnt there lessons from that incident by taking the fences down and having ticket allocations. The reasons for Legislations being introduced are to help investigate why and how the accidents happen and to make sure they won't happen again. ...read more.


There must be: * Safe place of work with safe access * Safe plant and equipment * Safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances * Safe systems at work * Information, instruction, training and supervision of employees The employer must be in no doubt that non-employers are not exposed to risks that will have an effect on health and safety in the working place that they have decided to attend. The employer must manage the health and safety of the facility and the services it provides. They should inform non-employers of hazards and correct procedures to reduce risks. When an employee starts work the regulation necessitate that the individual is * Made aware of the health and safety systems in practice * Fully aware of any hazards in the place of employment * Checked for knowledge and competence on health and safety matters and that any training that may be necessary is identified * Assigned responsibilities and tasks for health and safety * Brought up to date about any changes in practice and ...read more.


* It is an offence not to comply with any legal representation made by a court of law to comply with safety guidelines. Sport centres have a duty of care to the sports performer. Who ever puts the sporting activity should put safety of the performer first and foremost. They must ensure: * All equipment is safe to use * The group size is appropriate to the activity * The ability of the group matches the event * Activities and training sessions are properly planned and controlled * Safety equipment is available and in good working order * First aid is available * Procedures for calling the emergency services are in place. An example of an incident where these rules were not thought about is the Lyme bay canoeing tragedy, when four teenagers died. This tragedy was the result of a series of errors and circumstances that shouldn't have happened. It was the failure to organize and supervise the activity and to employ suitable staff and to have prepared and operated sensible and pre-determined procedures when difficulties arose. ...read more.

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