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Health and Safety Survey

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Health, Safety and Security Attitude Survey We believe that one of the most important aspects of our operations is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. To help us accommodate this goal, we ask your cooperation in completing the following survey by ticking the appropriate box after each question you answer. Additional comments are encouraged. Thank you for your cooperation. Enviroment: Children's play area Patient/ service user group : children and parents 1) How often do you use the playground? * Every day * About 1 day each week * About 1 day each month * Hardly ever * Not at all 2) How long do you usually stay in the playground? * Up to 30mintues * 30 mintues to 1 hour * 1 to 2 hours * Longer than 2 hours 3) Do you think the playground is kept tidy? * Yes * No 4) As a safe place to play, how many marks out of 10 would you give this playground? 5) How many marks out of 10 would you give the equipment for safety? 1) What things need to be checked before you bring a child to this playground? Making sure that the surface is not wet and slippery, checking that the playgournd has a wide space and that it has dences or barriers around it. ...read more.


This is a hazard and both children and the adult can get hit by it. Separate each apparatus with a barrier so that its not all open together, so that people will not just walk inform of the palpates such as the swings. Provide with a bouncy surface on high apparatus so incase a child falls they don't get hurt. Slides have rough edges and protruding bolts This can cause cuts and can create a possibility of infection on children. Provide with a smooth surface to cover the protruding bolts. No toilets Some children may eat or place their hands in their mouth without washing and this can cause infection. This can harm children. Provide with toilets. Misuse of equipment Two children in one slide, this is a hazard. This can harm children. Place signs to show that 1 person is allowed at a time on the swing. High risk of falls, bruises and slipping when the playground is wet. At night times, the light is poor in the playground. This creates risk of collision and service users may trip over. This can harm both adults and children. Provide with better light in the night times and create roofs to avoid the playground to become wet when it rains. ...read more.


This is not suitable for the apparatus as each one has a maximum weight. There is a risk of the child or the adult falling off as it will not comfortable when they sit together on the same swing. Place signs to show wrong ways of using apparutus, also providing with regular supervision. Warning signs should be placed around the area, identifying potential hazards and minimum ages, where appropriate. For example, parents may well be advised to choose suitable clothing and foodwear for their children in circumstance when the wooden and metal frames become slippery in wet weather. 6- I believe this park is not really securied for children. This is beucase the door don't close properly, gates are very low and there vandalism on chairs and walls. This will create risks of creating a dangerous environment; making other gangs come and will cause fights. Again provide with regular supervision to find out who is creating these vandalism and also to remove it as soon as its found. Providing with higher gates and replacing the doors for better and stronger ones will make sure they close and will help keep the playground secure. Children will stay in the area and this will minimise the risks of children going missing and dogs coming in. Inspection of damaged equipment due to vandalism or discarded materials [eg.Used needles] should be carried out on regular basis. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 1 ...read more.

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