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Health and social care

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A2 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PROMOTION HEALTH & WELLBEING CONTENT PAGE SECTION A PAGES 3-5 * Chosen topic "obesity" explanations about the chosen topic. * Statistical in formation and research background on obesity * Targeted group. SECTION B PAGES 6-8 * Aim and objectives * Chosen health promotional model * Explanations of the planned way to measure the success of the promotion. SECTION C PAGES 9-10 * Implementation of health promotion * Materials used in the promotion * Success of the promotion (outcome) * Self evaluation SECTION D PAGES 10-11 * The evaluation of the impact. APPENDIXES PAGES 12 BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE 18 Section A Health promotion can be promoted in a number of different of ways; the health promotion can be directed to an individual to help prevent ill health that occur in the human body this is call a primary health education. Secondary health education educates the individual about their current condition, and informs them about what do could do about it. In this report I will be carry out an investigation on obesity I will be researching on information that will provide a details about the health of the population, the causes and risk factors linked will ill health, and hence the possibilities of making improvement through health promotion. I will use internationally, nationally and locally data that will be presented in a variety of statistical formats. The main reason why I have chosen to do a health promotion on obesity is because the government, as given a statistical value of one the causes of death in the UK has a health illness disease is obesity. They also point out that there is a problem with the way we eat. Obesity is one of the health issues that are rising in the UK; there are the increase of death in adults and young people. Being overweight increases the of many health conditions such as: * Hypertension * Dyslipidemia (for example, high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides) ...read more.


When designing the questionnaire I will need collect information from students, the information used in collecting the questionnaire will be open question which allow them broaden their ideas on what they thought. Close question will be used as a straight forward answer. This will be completed individually, by 12 students I will be able to divide these into how many people said yes and how many people said no to certain particular questions from this I can analyse how successful the presentation was. Section C Before the presentation I ensure I wrote a clear layout of how the process of the demonstration will processed. This helped me structure my activities and provided me with a framework which checks can be made to ensure that the programme is kept at the given time and the original aim. The presentation was based in the classroom where tutorial takes place; the sits where already placed in a constructive way where by me as the promoter can communicate eye contact with every individual person in the room. The selected recourses used in carrying out this demonstration were leaflets, video, access to the computer to provide information using the internet and the use of PowerPoint. These I believed will provide a clear picture and clear information that will lead to empowering the students to understanding of what healthily eating is. Facilities in the room were available for interactive work area to display the PowerPoint presentation and all necessary equipment was made available. Due to the fact that the demonstration was taking place in a laboratory all safety issues were considered before hand. Through the displays of the PowerPoint I was able to project my information in a clear view meaning that all the students were able to see clearly the style of format that was used which I believe will engage the student by giving a powerful effect. In the presentation I used leaflets which limited the student taking notes and allow the information to be re-read by the individual at any time that suited them. ...read more.


I will to using posters as a demonstration of the food primed. PowerPoint will be used to. 30-Nov-2007 11.00-3.20pm 4 hour 20 minutes Conclusion will be base upon the advantages and disadvantage and how I over came them within measuring the success of the promotion. 08-Dec-2007 4 hours Overall evaluation on the promotion discussing how well the presentation went, how successful it was, was my research adequate and what I have learnt. Appendix 2; Sources of information from Guardian newspaper article "Keep slim or risk cancer, landmark study warns" This was used to calculate the BMI of the student's weight. Classification BMI(kg/m2) Principal cut-off points Underweight less than 18.50 Severe thinness less than 16.00 Moderate thinness 16.00 - 16.99 Mild thinness 17.00 - 18.49 Normal Range 18.50 - 24.99 Overweight greater than or equal to 25.00 Pre-obese 25.00 - 29.99 Obese greater than or equal to 30.00 Obese class I 30.00 - 34.99 Obese class II 35.00 - 39.99 Obese class III greater than or equal to 40.00 Appendix 3: Planned presentation sheet Date: 10 November 2007 Room: N07 Time: 1.40-2.15 Aim: The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate an awareness of the importance of a health eating for student in the college. Target group aged16-18 years old. Objective: The objective is that by the end of the presentation all students will be able to list the components of healthy eating and also to be able to understand and collect feedbacks on what they have learnt about the demonstration. Time Presenter Students Recourses required 5 min Welcome and seating Room laid out, chairs, television, overhand projector. 10 min Introduction- by sharing aim and objective Listen Power point software, ready prepared. 5 min Question and answer on knowledge about healthy eating ( giving statistic information of obesity) Answer questionnaire on prepared question paper. Question and answer paper 15 min Handouts of healthy eating chart good nutrition and culture choices in food. Group activity: this will be planning a meal for their close friend who they feel has a bad healthy eating. ...read more.

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