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health and wellbeing

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Introduction. Promoting health and well being Different people have different ways as to how they classify and define health. To different people it means different things. The word 'health' comes from the old English world 'healthe' which means wellness in the soul, mind and body. There are different definitions of health. Health as defined by the English dictionary means the state of condition of a person's mind or body. Well being in the same dictionary is defined as good health, happiness and comfort. The both of them put together is health and well being can be described as the combination of physical, mental, social and emotional part of a person The positive definition of health and well being can be defined as complete absence of disease or any form of disorder and maintenance of good all round fitness. The negative definition of health and well being can be described as the presence of illness and other diseases and disorder. Page 1 From a holistic point of view health and well being can be said to be the achievement and maintenance of total physical, intellectual, emotional and social fitness and stability of a person. From my point of view, I think that health and well being should be described as the general state/condition of a person's all-round state of mind, good or bad. ...read more.


usually eat fruits, she is not a regular exerciser, she goes to school every school day, during her spare time such as break, lunch, she is usually at the computer in the library. Stacey admits that sometimes, she feels stressed it might be pressure from school work and she usually doesn't handle it very well as she just keeps the anger in herself until it wears out which takes a while sometimes. She is a smoker and she drinks. Other activities that tend to increase her intellectual health she says are the computer because she learns a lot of things just by being on it for an hour or two. She doesn't have a huge lot of friends or family but she goes on holidays really often. During the weekends, she often goes out with her friends. Personally, she thinks that her emotional health is very good. She has a good supportive relationship with her close family and friends. Page 5 There are some positive factors that may influence a person's health and well-being. The lists below are the basic and important ones. * Rest * Sleep * Money * Exercise * Supportive relationships * Balanced diet * Using the local health care services available. * Good housing * Stimulating work * Not smoking Good housing: This is a very important factor that most people don't really take into consideration because ...read more.


Yes no * Do you eat fruits and how often? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * How many cups of water do you have in a day? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Do you have vegetables? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * How many times do you eat in a day and why? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diet analysis Analysing Stacey's diet Monday: Stacey didn't have any fruits on Monday in her diet which is bad because she is supposed to have at least five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day. She also had only one cup of water which is bad because it could cause dehydration. Also she didn't have any proteins which are essential for repairing body tissues. Tuesday: Stacey didn't have any fruits or vegetables either on Tuesday which is essential in a balanced diet. Wednesday: Stacey didn't have any fruits on Wednesday and she had too many carbohydrate and fat which is bad for her health and she didn't have any minerals, fibre or fruits. Thursday: Stacey didn't have any fruits which give minerals. Friday: minerals, fibres and proteins and vitamins are missing from Stacey's diet. Saturday: Stacey had a fairly good diet but just one meal contained more than 1500 calories. Sunday: Stacey had too much fat on Sunday and had well more than 2500 calories which is not healthy for an adult her age. Smoking Smoking is a very deadly and disgusting habit. It poses so many health threats that smokers don't even realise. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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