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Health care services and the Data protection Act 1998

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P4/M3 Data Protection Act 1998 The data protection act 1998 was brought in to give people maximum privacy when using services or organizations. The information that these services hold are personal details which are confidential. The data protection act 1998 stops people giving personal details to the wrong people. This act is important and this is a way organizations/services earn trust from the public. This also gives people the right to know any information that has been found out about them and stops others with holding this information. The Patients Charter In hospitals there is a charter and the charter is set out by the government to let patients no what individual rights they have as a service user. ...read more.


This allows people to be treated and not feel they have to be embarrassed that their problems will be shared with other individuals. Details taken are more accurate and up to date; this also is a positive factor about the act, keeping up to date details records and summarises the personal health of the individual and progress made. The information should be kept in a secure place so that unauthorized people are unable to access others personal information. The information should be kept on a system that only employees at the hospital can access. This is usually secured with a personal username and password. Some information is held from patients until professional discover the problem, but they must not hold these longer than necessary. ...read more.


M3 How this promotes diversity? This piece of legislation helps to promote diversity in a health and social care environment and the information patients give is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. It does this by not judging individuals because of their ethnicity, gender, age etc and other personal information given. By keeping personal information protected this keeps it out of the hands of individuals who may act in a prejudicial way. Employers employ from a wide range of different back grounds and this helps provide equal opportunity. When a candidate who has applied for job role sends their personal information to a certain organization, their curriculum vitae is in the hands of the interviewer and their personal information is put to one side. This helps promote diversity because by not looking at individuals personal information they then are unable to judge, stereo type or discriminate against them. ...read more.

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