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Health questionnaire evaluation

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Evaluation - Sample: Unfortunately in my questionnaire, I only used a sample of 10 people. Although this is a cheap and easy way of gathering information, it is near impossible to accurately draw conclusions from national data, as the sample at that size cannot be representative. If I had a used a postal questionnaire or a faster means of delivering the questionnaires, I could have a much larger sample size to analyze. While this would not prove cost or time effective, I would however have a better chance at requiring a sample that was representative of the national population. For example I'm more likely to come across the different religions, social classes and experiences in a large sample than I am 10 people. Reliability: The nature of a questionnaire means that they are generally reliable, as the quantitative data is replicated easily at any time. I used however a number of qualitative open questions, which are a lot harder to operationalise. ...read more.


I would not have had this problem if I had only used one method of gaining the data. Another problem faced in questionnaires is the face validity of the items. This means how I write the question can affect how the person responds. For example leading questions can influence a person to respond in a way that the question suggests them too. It is also important to consider if some of the items I used were actually asking what they were supposed to. For example 'How many hours of exercise do you do a week?' is an ambiguous question. People could answer based on what they did that day, the past month or what they hope to achieve in the future. This is also relates to social desirability bias, where the respondents answer is what they think they should put down, rather than their actual opinion. For example almost everyone is aware of the affects of smoking, drinking and not exercising on a person's health (17). ...read more.


For example a culture where alcohol is not allowed, drinking affects are reduced or nonexistent in the population. Similarly, some people may report being ill one day and not the next. It depends on the person's situation and the duration of the symptoms they feel. However the definitions of ill health interchange. Even when a person has no symptoms they can still be ill. And the definitions often overlap in personal and professional terms. A person can suffer from a disease, a disorder and an illness all at the same time from one condition. For example diabetes is a malfunction over the pancreas, a set of symptoms such as dry mouth and a diagnosable condition through a glucose test. This overlap needs to be considered when evaluating a person's understanding of the terms. I learnt that there are many different factors that affect a person's health. However viewing the combination of these alongside their concepts and understanding gives a far greater picture of the individual's attitude towards health and ill-health. ...read more.

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