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Healthcare - barriers to access.

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´╗┐Barriers to Access: Barriers ro access ? Physical Barriers: Physical barriers for example could be stairs for parents with buggies. Narrow doors could also prevent parents with double buggies going through A physical barrier is when a person can?t access the care they want or need because of a physical problem like a walking difficulty or a wheelchair access, buggies stairs. The reason why stairs are a physical barrier is because it would be difficult if a parent was taking their child to nursery. If the nursery hours do not suite with parents working hours, then that can be a physical barrier for the parent. This can be a barrier because the parents will find it difficult to take their children to nursery. However some parents can take their children to nursery, but will struggle to pick their children up from nursery. This will also be a physical barrier to the nursery and to the parent of that child. ...read more.


If a parent does not speak or understand English, they will not know what nursery to take their child to. There will not be able to communicate with the nursery stuff and will not have confidence in sending their child to the nursery, this is a language barrier to the parents. However, the nursery nurse can teach children about cultures and festivals that other children might celebrate like Chinese New Year, this will give the children more understanding about others. some children are not allowed to eat certain type of meat, this can be affected by not being respected or recognised in the nursery Examples of cultural & language barrier: -Using English may deter some people from using services -Not having professionals who are of the same sex, for example, women Doctors/consultants for women -Written information not in the person?s own language (including braille/ Large print) -Not knowing what is available - Some treatments being considered unacceptable to certain cultures physically: ? Geographical Barriers A Geographical Barrier would be that if some people live in rural areas they may not be able to access certain services i.e. ...read more.


-Living in a rural area where transport is not available when the services are open. -A long bus/train journey may not be practical because of certain medical complications. ? Financial: If you have to pay for a prescription (for a short term illness) you may not be able to afford this this could be a problem. also if you have to pay for transport e.g. a taxi or just for petrol just to get your prescription and your very ill. or if a parent has a child under age of 4, that parent will find it difficult to pay of their child to ho nursery. this is barrier for parents Examples of financial barrier: -Charges/fees -Lack of money for transport -Lack of money to provide the service physically: Financial situation can cause many people to compromise the diet they eat and feed their children, thus slower development for the kids and many times the low cost diets lead to adults and kids becoming severely overweight. intellectually: ...read more.

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