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How people feel valued and supported by different types of communication AO1B

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´╗┐How people feel valued and supported by different types of communication- AO1B It?s important that in care settings the Staff and Organisation as a whole ensure that effective communication can be provided to all service users. There are some specific ways in which they can do this such as; promoting equality and diversity, maintaining confidentiality and promoting the individuals rights and beliefs, I will explore this ways further in the paragraphs written below. Promoting Equality and Diversity: The UK society is fundamentally built apron the wide range of diversity within it?s members beliefs, cultures and identities and the equality that we aim to achieve and offer to everyone, therefore it is immensely important that Equality and Diversity in reflected in every care setting. All care workers have a responsibly to ensure that they are continually promoting equality, and acknowledging, respecting and celebrating the diversity among service users. Every service user should be given the same opportunities and be given the same equality of care regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age and social class. ...read more.


Therefore ensuring confidentiality is maintained is immensely important. Maintaining confidentiality is also essential to building a trustful relationship between the service user and Staff, and trust ensures that communication is effective. This is because the service user can share information freely without considering the implications of that information being shared further than for the wellbeing of benefit of their treatment and wellbeing. Trust can also be established if the Staff honours commitments and promises made to the Service users, for example a social care worker may promise to play a game with the child they are protecting, this child may have previously been let down so it?s important that they are treated with respect and trust, it?s therefore important that they fulfil the promise in order to ensure trust is built and then maintained. Another example where this could happen is if a Service User revealed personal information to their Doctor. In this example a trustful relationship is immediately established, this means that it is therefore vital that the Doctor does not take for granted this relationship, a trusting relationship between Patient and ...read more.


One example is if the particular Service user is a vegetarian. The right foods should then be provided and the Service User should feel comfortable complaining to the Organisation if the right foods are not provided and be able to trust that something would be done. By providing vegetarian foods the care setting is promoting the service users diversity and different rights and beliefs. A decision over DNR (Do, Not, Resuscitate) is also an example where the individual?s rights and beliefs can be promoted. In this decision family members should be included and everyone opinion valued. The service user should be given the final say, however it may benefit them to hear the Doctors beliefs about their condition and hear the rights as an individual they have regarding their care. At this decision family member can also share their beliefs towards DNR. Listening to different beliefs and opinions can be very helpful to the service user as they can measure the consequences of their original beliefs and can hear several different perspectives which may help them on their final decision, while still respecting their final say. ...read more.

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