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How to give support to a service user by taking and recording of pulse and temperature.

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A. Demonstrate (simulated) how to give support to a service user by taking and recording: * Pulse * Temperature Pulse: A pulse of an individual is their heart rate or the number of times their heart beats each minute (bpm). Not every individual will have the same pulse rate; it varies form person to person. The pulse of individual who is resting will be much lower than a person who is running fast as they have more oxygen that they will need whilst exercising. As the heart og an individual is pumping blood through their bodies, they are likely to feel some of the pulses which are near the surface of their skins, such as their wrist, neck, or upper arm. When an individual Counts their pulse rate, it simply tells them how fast their heart is beating per minute. Pulse rate is measured whenever a service user enters a care setting such as a hospital, clinic, or nurses visit the ill service users themselves. Pulse is very important as it provides the care workers about the health of that service user. There are many people who measure their pulse everyday so that they can keep a track of their health condition and don't have to rely on the doctors as often. pulse rate can be measured by counting the beats from 15 to 20 seconds and multiplying it by 4 to get the beats in a whole minute. Individuals pulse rate can change from minute to minute, as they exercise faster their pulse rate will raise even if they have fever or are feeling stressed however as soon as they are resting in peace their pulse rat will decrease. An individual at care settings pulse will be measured because: * The doctors can see how their service users heart is working to see wehter they are in a good condition of health or not.. ...read more.


Whoever takes the temperature on an individual in care settings have to make sure they mark it accurate because it is very important, it can cause problems if the care worker writes down an estimate such as saying that the service users temperature is above 37 degrees, which can cause unnecessary problems for doctors or nurses. Most people's body temperature is about 37�C- 37.8�C anything above this is classed as fever. There are many things that cause fever in service users who live in residential home such as have a very bad infection which is one of the common causes of it; it will affect the whole body. Even having too much medicine can cause fever to the service user as it raises the body temperature immediately. Service users who have suffered from heart attack or stroke may often find their selves being ill even those who have lung cancer or leukemia. In care settings when the nurses check the service users body tempurature they do not always have to put the thermometre in the mouth however their body tempurature can be check from different parts of their body but most of the palces are the mouth, ear and armpits which are commonly used. Body tempurature can also be check from the forhead which may not be as accurate as other parts such as the mouth. People with low body temperature with is known as hypothermia can be serious sometimes can kill that individual. Low body temperature can occur from feeling far too cold or having a metabolic disorders such as even someone has diabetes. A low body temperature can also occur if someone has an infection most of the cases it the newborns or the elder people who cuffer from hypothermia. There are many reason why the care workers have to check body tempurature of an ndividual especially in car setting such as the Greyfriers. ...read more.


Listening to the service user while doing their own duty is one of the things which makes the service users feel valued and cared for which is one of the important aspects in care settings such as when a service user is telling the care worker about his story when he went to his sisters house and how everyone was so happy to see him. Even if the care workers is not interested they can make sure for few minutes give up their time and listen to their stories, this might make the service user feel as though there is a friend out there for him to support his every step that he will take in life. Even providing choices for service users will make them feel valued and cared for. The care workers for example say to them what would you like for dinner today tomatoes pizza or garlic bread. This is an example of providing them with choice rather then saying to them you are going to have tomatoe pizza no matter what, if you don't like then don't eat it. this type of language can frighten the service users who might be looking for support or help, this can stop them asking the care workers for help which can be very depressing for the weak service users making them hate every moment they spend in the residential home. When a care worker is taking care of service users they must make sure they give them their right and concentrate on them fully by making then their moment. The care that they provide them should be what they are in need of at the moment such as when the care workers give them support for their needs. When the care workers are giving the service users support they will have to make sure they give them choices at the same time too for example when the care worker says to the service user what would you like to eat this or that. This is giving the service users quality of care. ...read more.

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