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Human Lifespan Development Emotional Development from 0-65 years+

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´╗┐UNIT 8 SESSION 7, 15.11.11, Human lifespan Development Emotional Development from 0-65 years+ AGE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT 0-12 months At this stage the baby responds positively to main carer, they form an emotional bondage between the mum and carer. They imitates facial expressions they stare at bright shiny objects, gazes intently at carers, they smile at carers. In addition babies at about some months form a lasting emotionally significant attachment to specific individuals and seeks their attention when they hear, see, and smell or feel their mother or carer. They can show fear of strangers and become distressed and cries. However by 6 months baby started to have a positive interactions between parent and carer. However by 1 year old they can express emotions through tears and facial expressions. ...read more.


Peer groups facilitate the forming of the attitudes towards sexuality, moral judgements and values. Some teenagers search for affection, become rebellion or boredom attitude. 19-25 year old In this stage young adult will consider a life partners and develop a close emotional bonds with one person. Perhaps young adult may have the emotional maturity to start a family. 26-45years old During adulthood most people will look for a steady and satisfying relationship to meet their needs such as forming a couple, they will often like companionships, togetherness and feelings of protectiveness and affection especially when they have children. However adult relations ship can involve in a variety of other emotions such as anger, resentment and jealousy. Sometimes relationships fail and this can result in anxiety, stress and bitterness. ...read more.


Adults are better at emotional self-regulation most adult have the emotional maturity but sometimes women will be emotional affected due to menopause and there are fewer job options. However the death of a spouse represents one of the greatest emotional (Widowhood). 61,65 years+ The change in life such as retirement can have many effects on an older person. Some older people do lose their self esteem as if they see themselves as useless to society. However accepting the loss of friends and partners, living on less money can affect emotional of an individual. Perhaps acceptance of being ready to die, feeling angry, afraid and depressed might represent the final achievement that a person make in the journey of emotional development. HEINEMANN for the 2000 standards GNVQ (Health& Social Care Edexce P88-89l) By Lynda Mason, Penelope Gifford HEALTH& SOCIAL CARE Level2 BTEC First BY ( Elisabeth Haworth, Heather Higgins, Helen Hoyle) P233-255) tpp://www.buzzle.com/articles/social-development-in-adulthood.html tpp://www.buzzle.com/articles/emotional-development-in-adulthood.html ...read more.

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3 star(s)

A brief piece of work looking at the emotional development across the lifespan. Generally the key aspects I would expect to see were covered, but there were a few points that needed explaining. What is meant by

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 28/06/2013

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