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I am going to explain how different factors can affect someones dietary intake and their health. I will start with using myself as an example

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Unit 21 Assignment 3 P3 I am going to explain how different factors can affect someone?s dietary intake and their health. I will start with using myself as an example. Dietary habits When I wake up in the morning I very rarely eat breakfast, I have been in this habit since I was about thirteen years old this is due to me waking up late and getting ready for school and then not having enough time to eat anything, this would affect me by making me feel very tired during the day because of the lack of nutrients in my body, I find it hard to concentrate during the day and I feel as though I have no energy this is because I am not consuming nutrients to give my body energy. If I continue to do this it will cause my blood sugar levels to decrease this can be called hypoglycaemia and can cause severe symptoms such as dizziness, sweating, being pale and feeling weak. The foods people usually have for breakfast are toast, porridge and cereal these foods are high in carbohydrates and protein they provide energy for the body and help with the physical growth of the body. Another dietary habit I have is drinking energy drinks and this is a very unhealthy thing to do because energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and caffeine, when I drink an energy drink while skipping a meal it takes away my hunger which is very unhealthy because I am replacing nutrients that should be in my body with sugar and having too much sugar in my body can lead to getting type 2 diabetes. Drinking too many energy drinks is the reason why I cannot sleep at night because energy drinks contain caffeine which is a drug and this affects the central nervous system to increase the body?s alertness and the flow of faster thoughts this causes restlessness and can lead to anxiety. ...read more.


I know how to cook some food so when I am home alone I do tend to make things to eat like pasta I add chillies and vegetables to the pasta to make sure I am getting vitamins in my diet, I also know how to make a tuna sandwich which is healthy because tuna contains protein and bread contains carbohydrates and these are two nutrients my body needs more of for energy. According to my knowledge eating after six o?clock is unhealthy because the food consumed after then is stored as fat so because of this I try not eat after six o?clock because my body will store excess fat and make me fat. Social Policy Social policies affect my diet because I don?t follow them instead I eat at a take-away so even if the college was serving nutritional food I don?t eat it but I probably should so my body can get the right nutrients it needs and I will not consume as much fat which may be good because too much fat in the body can lead to heart problems. However if I did follow social policies I would be eating more fruit and vegetables which will be good for my nutrition because my body will get the vitamins and minerals it needs. Every child matters makes sure all children have a nutritional meal at whatever school they attend because due to the economy that can be the only nutritional meal they can get because nutritional food is getting expensive. Due to social policies such as Nutritional Standards schools should serve nutritional meals which have not been deep fried and have bread available because deep fried food is very unhealthy due to the saturated fat in some oils, eating fried food makes people feel full quickly and bread is full of carbohydrates and nutrients which will give people energy throughout the day, schools should also serve fresh water and no fizzy drinks or confectionary because having too much sugar can make children hyper active and can lead to tooth decay. ...read more.


People with Coeliac should be in the habit of not eating foods that contain gluten but also maintain a balanced diet because if they don?t consume a balanced diet it can lead to other diseases such as osteoporosis which can make their bones brittle and easy to break. Lifestyle While shopping for food a person with Coeliac disease would have to read the labels on foods carefully, there is a law in the UK which says packaged food should have allergen labelling which means that on the ingredients list you can see whether a product contains gluten and a person with Coeliac disease will have to look for this while shopping, a person will Coeliac will still need gluten in their diet so their nutrient intake is balanced because if they completely stopped eating glucose because of their nutrition imbalance it could lead to more illnesses and they can buy foods that have a substitute of glucose in them. When eating out at a restaurant or other food places a person with Coeliac would not be able to eat everything, they will have to speak to the chef or person making the food and make it clear to them which foods contain gluten that they cannot eat, if they were to eat gluten by mistake then they could have a bad effect depending on the person, some of the symptoms are diarrhoea, headaches, stomach pains and lethargy. It would be helpful for an adult to eat gluten substitutes because without gluten in their diet they can get very tired and weak and an adult would need their energy if they were working and had a busy lifestyle Economic Foods that have gluten free substitutes in them are three times more expensive than the original foods such as gluten free pizza, bread and crackers they are more expensive than the originals. People that suffer from Coeliac disease tend to stock up on these products such as gluten free bread and this is really expensive and they may not be as healthy because the gluten free products are not fortified with vitamins. ...read more.

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