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I am going to talk about the appropriate responses where child abuse is suspected or confirmed, making reference to current legislation and policies.

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I am going to talk about the appropriate responses where child abuse is suspected or confirmed, making reference to current legislation and policies. * Polices of a setting: All people working with children and young people in a care setting and educational setting should be aware of the policies of the setting and they must have read the policies of the setting organisation. The policies of the setting should be easy accessible and available, some setting organisation ask individual to sign to prove that they have read the polices and procedure of the setting. This protects the organisation and the staff and makes sure that a regular practice is used in all cases. * Safe practice: In a setting, there will unavoidably number of policies and procedures and the staff should be alerted. They will consist of equal opportunities, health and safety, behaviour and child protection. Other then this there will be other written policies to protect the children and young people, staff and visitors from harm and to ensure safe practice throughout the setting. In a situation, it is vital that everyone is altered and aware of the content of the policies and procedures. * Whistle blowing: Most settings have taken on a whistle blowing policy. This is to report any inappropriate behaviour, which is observed among the staff, which will then trigger an investigation. The individual reporting the problem will be protected and supported but they must be aware that the police may interview them if it required. ...read more.


All children who reveal information about themselves should be protected and supported by trained professionals. * Observation: It is good practise, to observe children and young people, as it ensures that planning is linked to the needs of the individual and that development is monitored and recorded. Through observations, a child's behaviour can be noticed, if it has changed, also through observations it can be noticed if there is unaccountable marks on their body, which can be potentially abusive or exploitive, which will then lead to a further investigation. * Appropriate recording and reporting: Observations should be kept confidential within the setting; only the appropriate people like the line manager, social services and the police have access to the information. All the reports and records should have facts and not uninformed judgements, all the records and reports should be dated and signed just in case it may be used in case conferences. * Recognising and symptoms of abuse: Most care and education settings provide in service training on child protection issues. Local authorities require employees to undertake appropriate training as part of a continuous professional development programme. It is very important that everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse so that direct action can be taken, to ensure that the child is safe. * Knowing how to respond following disclose: If a child discloses sensitive information, which has concerns about their safety and well being, then the care setting should follow the policy straight away. ...read more.


all children should be unconditionally accepted when they reveal information in order to make them feel safe, and also to ensure that they are appropriately protected from their abusers. * Boundaries of confidentiality: In an abusive situation, confidentiality can be exceptions. There is a legal responsibility to pass information to the authorities investigating the case and these may include a number of different agencies like the area child protection teams and the police. * Following the correct procedures of the setting promptly: If all the procedures are followed properly then the outcome should be good. The procedures of the setting are in place to safeguard every one in involved and it is important that they are followed correctly and promptly. * Dealing with your own feelings and emotions: If you get involved in a child protection case you will have your own feeling to deal with as it may lead to a point where your emotions are involved. Sometimes this situation can get out of control and counselling sessions may need to take place. Below are points where the procedures of a setting are followed to show where abuse is suspected or confirmed: Procedure for dealing with disclose of abuse and procedure for reporting concerns: Reporting and leading allegation of abuse against members of staff. * Introduction * Receiving an allegation from a child * Initial assessment by the principal or designated person * Enquires and investigation * Suspension of staff * The disciplinary investigation * Allegation without foundation * Records * Monitoring effectiveness Kj,nnmmm ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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