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I played a game with the children called the bean bag game. This was to promote the childrens self reliance and self esteem. The advantages of this game are that the children learn to realise that they are good at certain things or that they may excel

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Unit 2: Development from conception to age 16 years P2.1 I was involved with promoting the children's self reliance and self esteem as I carried out an activity called the bean bag game. On a large piece of poster board, draw a 3 x 3 matrix. In each square, write or draw a picture of an aspect of the child's life. For example, you may include school, chores, relationships with siblings, activities, and friends. Taking it in turns, give a child a beanbag and have them toss it onto the poster board. For the square that it lands in, he should tell you something good about himself. If it lands in the school square, he may tell you about a subject in which he excels, a test on which he did well, a time that he stood up for himself-- anything that he feels makes him special. ...read more.


If they realise that they have done something good such as helping their parent with the chores e.g. vacuuming, then they feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment. This will help boost their self esteem. However there can be improvements made to this game as I would suggest as an alternative, each child could toss the beanbag. They could choose to tell another child something about them they think is good. Another suggestion would be to get parents involved In the nursery I was involved in promoting the children's physical development through nursery rhymes. The advantages of this activity are that it is fun for all children and they also get to choose their own songs. This activity promotes the children's physical development because it gets the children motivated and moving their whole bodies. The hokey cockey is a great song to use as you using then entire body and keeping active. ...read more.


I asked child A what had happened, she told me so we went over to child B to ask what she had done and she told the truth, I praised her for doing so, but I then said we should share and play together so child A and child B went off to play together. This comforted the child because she got her doll back but also learnt to share with other children as well. I would do this again because I thought it was very effective way of dealing with an upset child. P2.5 I am going to evaluate my own personal learning. I learnt that children get upset easily and it isn't easy to comfort them. I also learnt that I learn through visual. I need to see something happen before I can do it confidently. To comfort a child I observed a practitioner to see how they would handle it and how the children react. I then did something similar to child A. This was effect for my learning style. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 Unit 2 PER diary ...read more.

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