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I will be describing the factors that may be influence communication and interpersonal interactions with particular reference to heath and social care setting

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For p3 I will be describing the factors that may be influence communication and interpersonal interactions with particular reference to heath and social care setting There are different types of barrier that can block effective communication. The first obvious type of barrier is when information is not received. An example would be speaking to a deaf person who uses sign language. The sound is not received. Communication fails because an appropriate language system has not been used and no information is communicated. Barriers in the environment also prevent sounds from being heard, or non verbal message from being seen Cultural background can also be a hinder to communication breakdown. Different ethnic and religious groups may have different cultures, but different age groups, occupation and geographical groups also make different cultural assumptions words and non verbal communication can be interpreted differently depending on the context of the culture of the person using them. For example the word hot can have different meaning depending on the context in which it is used and the culture of the person using it. In a formal context hot is referring to having high temperature. ...read more.


Listening to other might involve hearing about frightening and depressing situation. Carers sometimes stop listening in order to avoid unpleasant emotional feelings. A lack of time tiredness or a desire to avoid emotional stress can create a barrier to providing caring communications. It is important that health and care workers can work out if a situation simply requires the sharing of information or weather a more sensitive, caring approach to communication is needed Lack of trust: lack of trust also affects the communication. Example: a person who is a liar, when he says something which is true, people will not believe and disregard the message. Overload information: overload information will lead to misunderstanding. Therefore, it is important to address the message shortly and clearly Environmental factors such as poor lighting can also hinder the communication as if the service provider is using sign language the service user won't be able to see what is being done. Noisy Environments can also hinder the communication, as the service user may not be able to hear what the service provider is saying and this is also similar to either the service user or service provider sitting to far way from each other as they may not hear each other as clear as they could have, if they were sitting closer to each other. ...read more.


tree, this makes communication easier for service users and service providers because you wouldn't have to specialise in the language as most of it is easy to understand for many people Another form of special method communication is Braille, this is a language made up of small raised dots, which the reader can feel with their fingers, this language is used for blind or people with little sight this makes them feel more like part of the society and it will help them get to places at a service. For example if a blind service user went to the doctors and needed the toilet they would have to feel next to the doors to find the Braille saying disabled toilet if not they may go through the wrong door and maybe end up in a doctor's office Sign language is being taught to children more within early-years settings, as children find it fascinating and children can pick it up quickly. Sign language is for those with hearing impairments. Sign language is a way of communicating through making signs with the hand. It allows people with hearing impairments to have conversations with others who understand sign language. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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