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I will be explaining the patterns and trends within social groupings such as Social Class & Gender, Ethnicity and Locality.

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P3 I'm Anna Smith, in my report I will be explaining the patterns and trends within social groupings such as Social Class & Gender, Ethnicity and Locality. The Black Report and The Health Divide identify the health inequalities that existed in the 80's in relation to social class based on the Registrar Genera's Social Class with high morality rates being seen in the lower social classes' e.g. unskilled and manual workers. Life expectancy nowadays, at birth remains less for those in the lower social classes for males more than female than in the professional and managerial classes. Even though life expectancy at birth has rose for social classes over the past thirty years, inequality has rose. In the year 2004 life expectancy at birth were 77 years for male and 81 years for women. In 1996, the variation in life expectancy at birth between social classes was significant both for both female and male. ...read more.


Males ear �1,000 more than their female college classmates within three years after leaving higher education. There is a possibility that women fly straight into high paid jobs with 40% of men earning over �25,000 a year compared with 26% of women three years after graduating. The higher death rate for male can associated with higher levels of smoking cigarettes and alcoholic consumption by men, and how they involve themselves in more risky sports and daring activities. The relatively high death rate of young males age 17-24 particularly associated with risk-taking and the linked deaths from road accidents. Individuals from minority ethnic groups were found to self-report poor health more recurring and visit their GP more often especially Indian subcontinent. Individuals form South Asia have fairly higher occurrence of coronary heart disease. Evidence for a linked between race and ill health can be hard to study because it there are difficulties identifying a individual's race type. ...read more.


Although the father's socio-economic status highest IMR incidence in weight are aspects that all raise the chances of infant death. There are also various regions in patterns of health and illness. Morbidity and morality rates are different in parts of the country and also within towns and cities in the UK. There could also be a possibility that there are poorer regions and poorer parts of cities that have higher levels of illness that are date. For example, there has been research that there are regional trends in the occurrence of lung cancer across the UK. In England, the rates for lung cancer are higher than average in the north- west, northern and Yorkshire regions and below average in the south -western, southern and eastern regions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Smith Health and Social Care Level 3 Sociological Perspectives ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

There are some good points made in the essay. The writer is clearly aware of the variations in health among different social classes and offers some explanations as to why these differences are present. However parts of the work lack detail. Mention is made of research which states X, but the research is not named specifically. Some class inequalities are discussed with no discussion as to why that situation is so, ie. the different rates of lung cancer across the country. Poor grammar in some parts made the work more difficult to understand so please proof-read carefully.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 09/08/2013

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