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I will be investigating the skills, qualifications, and experience of adult nursing my career path.

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´╗┐Gloria O Alelamole REVIEWING AND PLANNING SKILLS ADULT In this skills audit I will be investigating the skills, qualifications, and experience of adult nursing my career path. I will be evaluate my personal qualities, skills and experience and how all my skills I have chosen to embark on a nursing career, because I have passion to care for people. I have been working for four years in care, as a support worker. I have worked with various organisation. Hospital wards, domiciliary care, residential home and nursing home for elderly. Which has provided me with opportunity to care for others, and looking after their well-being, in a responsible and attentive manner. I have developed a good relationship with residents. This is enable me to get the best out of the patients, colleagues and public general. This skills and quality really drew me to improve and develop my skills and experience to be a nurse. Also to acquire the necessary clinical practice in order to improve the quality of patients? lives and to promote their well-being. To be able to achieve my goal. I have to set up targets plan and However, I carried out some researched on two difference Universities and NHS Adult nurse: job description. Bucks new University and West London University. I was able to gather some information about the entry requirements, skills experience and qualifications that will enable me to obtain a bachelor?s degree in Adult nursing. ...read more.


My work experience and skills I recognised that I already have some of the skills and qualities needed to be a nurse. Although there are some areas needs to develop. Such as Skills, quality and academic qualifications. Working with various organization as increased my confidence and developed my ability to work effectively as part of a team. I shadowed Adult nurses, senior staff and assisted them in minor non-medical ways. Update patients? records like fluid intake, food intake, update care plans by writing what patient did or had during my shift. Also empower patients to be able to carry out task on their own. Maintaining patients? independent and observed patients and record any changes of condition. I am very observant and attentive to detail at work. I do take note of every slight change in someone health or mood. I do take and record patients? blood pressure, temperature and respiration. I am committed to my job and have full understanding of my role by working within set policy. I do participating in staff meeting, handover, meeting, training, seminars and various discussion groups, where we share experiences and opinions. Always may sure I did any work load that I required to do, to my best knowledge. However, I focused and pushed myself to achieve the best on my diploma level two and three in health and social care, which I was able achieved at the end. ...read more.


I am a shy person, find it very difficult to look at someone or challenge due to my culture. I cannot stand to do presentation in front of people. Sometimes I find it very difficult to express myself in writing. I also need to improve my vocabulary in order to meet academic writing. I have to practice with other students and friends. I have to create time to read book and watch video on presentation skills which is going to gives me more confident. I have to improve on listening skills. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand what I have been taught in the class, until I asked a classmate to explain it or read more about it on internet. I think I have to practice good listening skills in a small group or read communication skills textbook. I have to improve on information technology skills, thus I have basic knowledge but still have to improve on how to use word process, power point and excel. I need to work on my mathematics skills. Sometimes I miscalculate the figures, which is very bad with the career path I am taking. I have to able to demonstrate of numeracy before I could get admission in to University. I have to checks some website such as (Move on website) for practice and assesse myself. I have create a time table for developed plan. Conclusion I have looked at what adult nursing is and their duties, their skills, quality and experience. Reference http;//www.nhscareers.nhs.uk www.nmc-uk.org www.nursingtimes.net/section1 . ...read more.

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