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Ideas on becoming a healthcare professional

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´╗┐Feelings on becoming a professional Becoming a professional is one that evokes an array of opinions within an individual; a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction being a prime influence that is shared amongst most. Often there are many who believe that becoming a professional comes with many responsibilities; however this is not always the case. Professionals may discover that it is possible to lead a balanced and productive lifestyle. A professional can be defined as: an individual who delivers treatment, through adhering to moral and ethical values and upholding humanistic values. Within this definition, there are many categories within which a health professional may be classified. ...read more.


The development of particular expertise plays an integral role in becoming a professional. Furthermore, I believe that becoming a healthcare professional requires skills of acquiring knowledge and applying this to a range of situations. The ability to adapt to change is thus a quality that all professionals should develop, especially as the diversity of patients augments. The thought of becoming a professional can evoke an optimistic attitude and a sense of job satisfaction. For example, a survey conducted by the school of public health at Harvard University, (Anon, 2014) found that patient satisfaction, commitment levels and job satisfaction were the most favourable aspects of working in that sector. ...read more.


As a result, this suggests that the idea of becoming a professional can pose some disadvantages, particularly to the individuals who endeavour to embark on a career of this nature. To conclude, it is evident that the idea of becoming a professional is both rewarding and gratifying for the qualified individual; however the role also comes with a sense of responsibility. For example, research demonstrates that there are many limitations that come with being a professional, the decline in mental health being a major concern in society, especially due to the rapidly increasing population requiring health care. As a result, it is important that students take careful consideration on what being a professional veritably entails, as the typical misconceptions of wealth, status and satisfaction of the role can prove misleading. ...read more.

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