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Identify the key elements of health and social care services. Explain the skills required for two different job roles in health and social care

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Unit 10 - Health and social care services P1. Identify the key elements of health and social care services Statutory care There are many ways of providing health and social care in the United Kingdom, most of which is provided by the governments and this is known to be statutory care, which defines it is provided by law e.g. in the case of child care the government or local education authority have a statutory responsibility to provide some form of childcare which they do in the form of schools, nursery and many more. Government provide money to support these services and to pay the wages of people who work in them - Primary care trust, mental health trust and social services. Voluntary sector organisations also provide these services but they are not required to, they choose to do so. Some funding comes from charges made to the service users of health services such as prescription fees etc. Private care Various health and social care services are privately financed. So therefore users pay straight or have private health care insurance. There are private care services such as residential private care and many more. Voluntary care Additional support is provided by voluntary groups which provide an easily accessible support service and a focal point for those in need within the local community. These organisations may well have paid staff who are professionals working for them. Voluntary care mainly counts on donations from individuals and a lot off the staff are volunteers. ...read more.


Voluntary and statutory sector liaison Voluntary groups such as the NSPCC could work with statutory organisations such as children services to guide and keep safe a child who is at risk from harm. It is vital that these groups and organisations see themselves as professionals and put aside and professional bias and recognise each other as professionals who are working to achieve a goal. Multi-disciplinary working Individuals who are employed by the same service for example social services will work together to help put a person or a family. If there are various social issues in a family for example a probation officer, a counsellor and a social worker will come together and support a family. It is essential that that all these professionals see themselves as a team regardless n how they don't usually work together other wise the partnership will fall and the individual will not get the support they need. All of these professionals should work together to plan and carry out the support needed, so that everything will come out as a success. When Agencies work together it can be a positive experience when everyone works together achieving their set tasks and be eager to help out others in their team. This experience becomes negative where one or more associates do not achieve their tasks. Purpose of teamwork Teams are always a cool, calm and collected group of people, who ought to work together other wise the service will not be completed effectively. ...read more.


Happy to work as part of a team As a nurse you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes doctors, physiotherapists, anaesthetists, pharmacists, dieticians' and many more. You need to how all these different people work together. Dealing with emotionally charged situations Nursing can sometimes involve managing distress. You'll play a key part in helping patients and families come through their crises. Skills required for a physiotherapist A physiotherapist works in a hospital as well as the community. Their main job is to make it possible for people to become more mobile if they have lost their mobility for a variety of reason e.g. a major surgery. Roles of a physiotherapist Physiotherapists have specialist skills in the physical treatment and rehabilitation of people and offer a range of therapies including exercise, electrotherapy and manual therapy. The role of the physiotherapist is to improve a person's mobility and independence. This could be through helping them recover from a chest infection, controlling their pain or helping them to mobilise after a stroke. This approach can prevent someone from being admitted to hospital, speed up their recovery if in hospital and promote an early discharge. Physiotherapists can work independently or in larger teams specialising in different areas of health and medical care. They work in the National Health Service (NHS), in primary and secondary care and in specialist centres. They also work in the private and voluntary sector, in education and in private industry. Physiotherapists may be accessed directly or following referral from a doctor or other health care professional. Personal qualities of a physiotherapist and skill required ...read more.

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