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Identify the members of a family of your choice, and using a diagram if necessary, identify the way that these people relate to each other

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Question 26 Outcome Three Identify the members of a family of your choice, and using a diagram if necessary, identify the way that these people relate to each other Answer 26 Outcome Three I have choosen my best friends family, I have known this family for 26 years. Mum, 64 - Does not keep well, 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild. Can`t leave Elaine alone in the house, worries what will happen to Elaine if she dies.Elaine is the only family member who still lives with the mum. Dad, - deceased - died after suffering from cancer for 6 months, he was 52, he smoked and liked a drink socially, he was a hard working man. Elaine, 35 - Mental health problems, can`t be left alone. Lorna, 38 - 4 children to X husband, a very messy divorce, she still gets trouble from the X husband.Is currently on maternity leave. Has a 6 month old baby to new partner, also has a two year old grandson. Angela, 40- 4 children, married, husband has alcohol related problems, Angela works and receives WFTC, her son is alwys in trouble with police Ian, - deceased - died at the age of 40 suddenly. He had 2 sons, his wife does not allow the family to see the boys Sadie. 45- 4 children, she works part time, she receives WFTC, she is divorced, her X husband beat her and was cheating on her with other women, she receives no money from her X husband. ...read more.


All their houses are big enough for their families, they would not move they do not need a larger or smaller house. The family will always live in this area, this is the area they have been brought up in, none of them will move away. They are all happy with their homes. Question 31 To what extent is the location of the family house influenced by the place of employment of the family members. Answer 31 The mum has always been employed in the local school as a cleaning assistant, she is now retired, the daughters also work in same place the school thay work in is within five minutes from their homes. So this influences where they live to an extent. Question 32 To what extent is the lifestyle of the family influenced by the jobs of the members, e.g hobbies, relaxation,holidays,material goods I do not think the family is influenced by their jobs, their jobs is for money making purposes only. Knitting is a hobby all the girls and the mum have. Relaxation would be socialising with friends, holidays are rare, caravaning would be a typical family holiday for them. Material goods is high priority for their kids and their homes. Question 33 Discuss how attitudes and lifestyles of the family members may contribute to ill health or disease of its members eg. the family diet, smoking , drinking alcohol. ...read more.


Obivously this was not needed as much 25 years ago when the dad was alive, the grandparents were also still alive and they supported the family. Question 35 Discuss the overall advantages for this family being in the current family structure, compared with any disadvantages of this family. Answer 35 The overall advantages of this family are the closeness they have to each other, the fact that they all live near each other and see each other every day. They always have a babysitter or an ear to listen to their problems, if they are short on cash they help each other out. Due to the poor health of their sister they help in any way they can. When any of them have problems they all get together to discuss what the best soloutions are. They comfort each other through bereavement. They are a strong family unit with a good bond. The overall disadvantages of this family are when they get on each others nerves, sometime living so close to one another thay have no privacy, my friend found this embarassing when she started bringing her new partner home, they were always there, she had no time on her own with him. she ended up falling out with them short term. at Christmas time, they can not afford to go round the whole family with presents so they just buy the adults a gift. They become totally dependant on one another. Sometimes one sister gets a little jealous of the other, i.e if one is doing better financuially than the other. This is also short term. ...read more.

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