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Identifying and critically analysing the ethical and practice dilemmas resulting from an actual (anonymous) practice situation.

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Identifying and critically analysing the ethical and practice dilemmas resulting from an actual (anonymous) practice situation. I have chosen to critically analyse a practice situation based on a woman called Mary. Her name has been changed for my assignment so that she can remain anonymous. When reading her case I found it had a very powerful impact on me and made me more aware of how the Mental Health system works and what the results are if a service user is admitted to hospital and purely 'ignored' by staff. I will be analysing the ethical and practice dilemmas by focussing on her journey through the different hospitals she was referred to and what the results were from Mary's situation. I will look at what could have been done to prevent such a nightmare for Mary and are there any improvements that can be made to ensure this does not happen again? I will be looking at the ethical dilemmas that occurred throughout Mary's ordeal and who was to blame. I will be focussing on the Mental Health Act and comparing it to Mary's situation to see if the Act was followed and what the Act involves. ...read more.


Ethics are about everyday actions, as well as the higher consideration of their value. Mary felt helpless and afraid and didn't know how to ask for help, she was unsure of what was wrong with her or why. Mary was discharged from the hospital being in a worse state that when she entered, she was then admitted to an Eating Disorder unit. The Eating Disorder Service is a specialist service for individuals who are suffering from anorexia nervosa, or bulimia nervosa. The service aims to help patients: gain weight and/or to establish regular eating patterns so that they can gain control over their eating disorder, help patients come to an understanding of eating disorders and of their likely causes and consequences. 'Treatment is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and family work and is delivered by members of the multidisciplinary team.' (NHS Clinical Services Directory, 2005) Mary was scared of food and believed the eating regime reinforced this fear. In this unit Mary first became sectioned. The most common sections that are used to admit someone to hospital are section 2 up to 28 days in detention in hospital for assessment and treatment. ...read more.


She was constantly told she was being assessed; yet she never knew what for. The change that needs to occur is not a large shift in clinical intent but simply a realisation that professional assertiveness, linked with the human virtues inherent within a consequentialist sense of purpose, must be part of professional nursing. The nurses of Mary had a duty to keep her informed of what was going on, because they didn't they therefor defied all aspects of ethics within professional practice. I hope that as a social worker I can promote some kind of change in ensuring that this doesn't happen again, when in theory I know this can not be the case because of little time social worker's have. No matter what services are on offer it is clearly the government's intention that nurses, medical practitioners and social workers should work together to provide better services for service users. Carpenter et al. (2003) suggests that in the move towards integration 'social workers are finding it more difficult to adapt and are among the most stressed among the professional groups.' Besides being 'stressed' there are a lot of positive aspects to social work, that is why I am hoping to qualify so I can make a difference to someone's life. ?? ?? ?? ?? 0404650 Mental Health Word Count: 2,119 1 ...read more.

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