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Illnesses of the cardiovascular/ respiratory system - Strokes and Emphysema

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Task 4- illnesses of the cardiovascular/ respiratory system P4- identify a malfunction in each of the two major system described. P5- identify risk factor of the two malfunctions. Stroke A Stroke is when your blood flow to the brain is interrupted and your brain cells are starting to die, because they are not getting the oxygen and nutrient that they needed to function, Although the blockage of arteries in the heart could lead to a stroke, affected a tiny area of brain that makes the tissues of the brain to die. Also that could lead to major problems e.g. ...read more.


What cause that are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking. The risk factors for the stroke are: * Age. * Gender. * Family history or race. The chance of having stroke doubles after age 55, also stroke is most common in the men than in women. Also the risk factors can be treated or changed for e.g. high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes. http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stroke/Pages/Introduction.aspx Emphysema Emphysema is a condition that which will stop you from breathing properly. Irritants entering the airways and alveoli, also it causes lung damage structure. The biggest risk for this illness is smoking and it exposed to the cigarette that the people smoking that damage the cilia, tiny hair-like projections in the bronchi that sweeps foreign bodies and bacteria out of the lungs. ...read more.


The risk factors for the emphysema are cigarette or living in environment of high pollution, because you may get emphysema from the dusty environment, so therefore the people who most commonly facing this illness are the men between age 50 to 70. Care needs The care that patient that suffering from stroke will need to receive active support, also encourage them to do as much they can do so they don't feel that they worthless or hopeless, because this could lead to emotional problems, Although to provide career that can meet his/her individual needs. Also the patient has to have ?? ?? ?? ?? Hanan Jama ...read more.

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