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In the health and social care setting communication takes place not only between service users/patients and workers, but also between relatives and friends.

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D1- In this task I will analyse how communication assists service users and other key people in the Health and Social care setting. In the health and social care setting communication takes place not only between service users/patients and workers, but also between relatives and friends. Without communication nothing would get done, no information would be passed on. Communication take place to inform, to support, educate, give and receive instruction, keep records, liaise and coordinate. All these communications can assist any or all of the service users and key people in the health or social care settings. Everyone passes through the health and social care setting at one point in their life whether they young children's, sick adults or elderly person needing care. Personalities, cultures, technology, art and science all have a part to play in the role of communication. In the health and social care sector communication is used to talk about needs, concerns, attitudes and feelings as well as to impart information. ...read more.


When two people don't get along or have hatred between them this makes them being be dishonest about certain things such as their values and beliefs. In a health and social care setting the strength of a communication would be approaching someone with the right kind of attitude for example if a service user is having trouble doing something the care worker will approach him/her and ask if they need and help and patiently wait for the service user response. However going to the service user and impatiently tell them to hurry up with what ever they are doing or just ignore them even though knowing they are having a problem would be a weak approach of communication. D2- In this task I will analyse the factors which influenced both interactions. In the first interaction which was my group interaction, where a visitor phone in a nursing home and ask to visit the nursing home in order to talk with the people there and the manager to get information about the place and see if the care home if the right place for their relatives. ...read more.


I think that if the message sent to clients aren't clear it is very clear for him/her to be unable to respond to it. In my case I know that in both of my interaction the clients were able to send me back messages which mean that they have in fact receive my messages this is why the communication was done perfectly. At least but not last another factor that influenced my interactions was personal space, I personally think that when I having a conversation between people everyone should a personal space in which they don't feel like they are being violated. Personal space is a key to have a great communication and also be able to talk freely and confidently. In my interaction they were at least about a good 4 inch in space between the clients and me, I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable and I didn't want anyone to do the same to me. I also didn't want to seat far away in order to make they feel like I wasn't interested in what they are saying. ?? ?? ?? ?? D1 Unit 1: Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social care ...read more.

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