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In this assignment I am going to discuss how HIV and skin cancer two diseases are caused and what the risk factors are. I will then describe the preventive measure and how it stops the disease developing.

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Introduction In this assignment I am going to discuss how HIV and skin cancer two diseases are caused and what the risk factors are. I will then describe the preventive measure and how it stops the disease developing. The word HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. HIV It is an infection that attacks and destroys the body's infection fighting cells, this is called lymphocytes, and this is what causes the disease. Milton medical centre explains that HIV is caused by a retrovirus, which is a type of virus that releases its genetic code, called RNA, into a healthy cell. The virus also contains an enzyme called reverse transcriptase that converts the virus' RNA to DNA and allows it to reproduce. This is how the virus attacks the immune system. ...read more.


This is unprotected sex. HIV can also be transmitted during blood transfusions and sharing needles. HIV can be prevented by having safe sex using condoms and avoid having sex with an individual who has HIV. Using condoms stops the disease from being caught. Mayo clinic explains how Newborns or nursing infants whose mothers tested positive for HIV but did not receive treatment also are at high risk. Another risk factor that can help the disease to develop is when an individual are lacking copies of a gene called CCL3L1 this helps fight HIV infection. The best type of prevention that is available to individuals is condoms these are not hard to get hold of and can be found in many shops and clinics. In the UK condoms can be found in clinics and may me given out in schools and universities free of charge. ...read more.


Some treatments may not be available to individuals. Especially those who in less economic developed countries, they may not also have access to the drugs and if they have access it may be limited or restricted to who can have it. Individuals who live in developed countries such as England and America have got great access to prevention measures as it is highly promoted and there is no difficulty of getting access to these such as condoms. The main issue of the spread of HIV is ignorant behaviour, if individuals cooperated and chose to not ignore the health warnings given such as having unprotected sex and use the resources available such condoms, having regular check ups and not sharing needs this would have a big impact to society. Young males especially may not choose to use a condom as it is seen as un-cool or they may be simply can't asked to. BTEC National health and Social Care Unit: 12 - 1 - ...read more.

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