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In this assignment I am going to explain how legislation, policies and procedures are used to promote the health, safety and security of individuals in the health and social care workplace

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Introduction In this assignment I am going to explain how legislation, policies and procedures are used to promote the health, safety and security of individuals in the health and social care workplace. Using examples from my work experience I am going to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures for promoting health safety and security. There are many legislations, policies and procedures which have been put in place as they have a purpose to promote and protect the health and safety of individuals in the health and social care workplace. Fire safety policy Each and every setting should carry out several fire drills throughout the year. Care settings should have regular practise drills in order to make individuals familiar and ensure they know what they have to do encase a fire occurs. When this drill takes place everyone within the building should participate and evacuate the building. The fire drill policy helps to promote the health and welfare of individuals as it states procedures to what a person should be doing, Foe example raising the alarm, a person may need to alert all individuals in the building of a fire. ...read more.


This shows the collection policy is not effective. Under no circumstances should a child should be handed over to an individual without the consent of a parent or carer as the child's safety is at risk. According with my policy, there has to be factual evidence such as a letter with a signature of the parent or carer who is giving consent. This is very effective as it promotes the child's health, safety and security as the child is not handed over to a stranger or someone who a parent or carer has forbidden. For example a couple may have just divorced and the mother has now has restricted the access of the father telling him he's not allowed to pick up the child, but the father may choose to go against her wishes and collect the child. However there is an added problem with the effectiveness with the collection policy, as the parents are now divorced it's the responsibility of the parent to inform staff about the situation. It is the parents' responsibility to inform staff, in writing, of access arrangements concerning their child. If a parent was not to comply with this policy and failed to inform the staff within the setting, staff are still permitted to allow the father to collect the child, therefore parents need to imply a court injunction to the care setting. ...read more.


care settings such as nurseries it's important that partents sign their child in and out each day, this promotes the health, safety and securty of individual staff are aware of who is in the buiding.espically in the event of an emergency.However the ineffecitness of this policy is visitors may not be imfomed that thay have to sing in and parent may be in a rusah and may forget. When on my work placement I had witnessed an event where this policy promoted security. An agency who was working in the nursery had accidentally let a parent who was forbidden from the nursery in the building .As the parent was familiar with the system he knew the code to gain access to the nursery, unfortunately he was unable to gain access due to the fact that the code is regularly changed. From this example it shows that this policy is very effective as the nursery staff and children were at risk from the unwanted parent but he was able to gain access. However this policy also shows ineffectiveness as if the code wasn't changed the parent would have been able to gain access and everyone within the nursery would have been at risk. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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