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In this assignment I will be talking about how care workers need to be able to communicate with the service users and make sure that at the end the conversation the service users feel respected and valued.

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P4 - Describe the rights of patients / service users In this assignment I will be talking about how care workers need to be able to communicate with the service users and make sure that at the end the conversation the service users feel respected and valued. Be different and treated as an individual Every individual has the right to be different regardless of whom they are, where they come from, what they do, their deficiencies or their way of life. Every individual have the right to their own beliefs and lifestyles. Care workers must respect the rights of all clients. For example Joni is 26 years old and has an unusual lifestyle, she puts on red and yellow every day and on Sunday she puts on all red. She has the right to be respected and treated as an individual despite being different. She has the right not be judge even though her life style is unusual. Have freedom from discrimination Service users have the right to be free from discrimination. Service users must be able to make sure that the client feel safe and get equal opportunity regardless of their race, gender, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, age, sex orientation, family statues or financial viability. ...read more.


i.e. o If someone has said they are going to harm themselves o If some said they intend to harm another person o If someone has said they plan to be or have been involved in a criminal offence If any of these occur care workers have the right to report it to the person responsible in the care setting. Before hand if a client for instance came to a care worker saying their problems; the clients must know they can trust their care workers. Clients may be put at risk and their self esteem damaged if confidential information is shared with others. Choice Choice empowers us as an individual. Everyone has choice. Care workers need to make sure that they give clients the opportunity to make choices. Choices could vary with individuals some is choice to be able to take medication, have operations and some could be down to food they want to eat or the shoes they want to wear. They also have the choice to discuss, personal issues with doctors and teachers. In order to make choices the client needs information so that they can make informed decisions. Care workers should demonstrate respect for individual by: o Offering opportunities to make decision and have a choice o Encouraging every ...read more.


Safety and security Everyone has the right to be safe and secure including care workers. Clients have the rights to be safe and secure from: o Carelessness in the care setting o Housekeeping. E.g. food, floor o injury in their work place o they have the right to good medications by qualified health care worker o abuse e.g. sexually, physically and emotionally and neglect In order for clients to be safe the workers should i.e. o Ensure that they are aware of every individual coming into the building by providing CCTV, ID checking o Provide signs in case they is a sloppy floor to avoid accidents e.g. falling o Make sure that all the workers are qualified to handle their different professions o They should prevent the spread of illness by throwing special bins and they should use antibacterial to prevent flu viruses o Make sure all equipments and materials is safe to use o Making sure there is enough fire exit Health and safety at work at 1974 is designed to protect employees in the workplace from unsafe practices. The Act is designed to: Ensure the safety and health of worker Protect both clients and service users are safe using the workplace Control the use of dangerous substances e.g. medicines and cleaning fluids ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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