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In this essay I will be both describing and evaluating the different methods used to promote and protect public health in the U.K.

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P5- describe methods of promoting and protecting public health. M2- explain methods of promoting and protecting public health. In this essay I will be both describing and evaluating the different methods used to promote and protect public health in the U.K. The main aims of promoting and protecting public health are to improve the general health of the population and to reduce health inequalities within the U.K. The government is a key part of all of this as they have produced many official documents, papers, reports and legislations in order to enhance overall public health. One of these documents is the White Paper which focuses on making choices in terms of health easier; this can be read in my appendix 1. In order to reduce health inequalities the government brought out an action programme and set targets and goals that they wanted to be reached by 2010. Some of the targets for this plan include aspects like, reducing smoking in manual social groups, preventing teenage pregnancy and supporting teenage pregnancy, improving housing conditions for children in disadvantaged areas and many more. I will now place the main methods of promoting and protecting public health into three categories; health promoting activities/health education, specific protection and environmental. ...read more.


There are now over 5000 registered campaigners all around the U.K which support national no smoking day. It is now considered one of the most successful and best awareness days within the U.K. National no smoking day have proved to be a big success in terms of promoting and protecting public health as the percentage of adults who smoke has dropped nearly 10% since the campaign started. It also helps to protect those that don't smoke as it reduces the amount of secondhand smokers and also dramatically reduces the risk of people falling ill with smoking related diseases like cancer. Specific Protection Immunisation- Immunisation is all about protecting people from specific and harmful diseases that they may come into contact with during their life. We can now be made immune from many diseases. This is done by being injected with a weak version of a disease organism to stimulate your body into producing antibodies that will protect you from that particular disease; it all challenges our immune systems. This means that if you ever come into contact with the disease again in your life you will be able to fight it off as your immune system will quickly respond to it. ...read more.


This means that all operators must use the best available techniques to prevent pollution when practicable. If this cannot be achieved, like on the roads for example pollution is aimed to be at an acceptable level. This applies to air, land and water pollution. Permits must be granted by the environmental agency in order for companies to create pollution filled conditions. The control of pollution is vital in England to protect and promote public health as we have a lot of urban areas that are constantly in contact with all different type of pollution, and as you know pollution can affect a person's health. People are now more aware than ever because of the eco-friendly cars that are available to us. In evaluation there are many different methods of promoting and protecting public health and they are all important in their own ways. We must all work together as a community in order to protect ourselves from being of ill health by following the laws, reports and papers put before us. I hope that this means we will all have a good future in terms of health in that fatal diseases will be eradicated. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karlie Jane Whitmore Unit 12- Public Health ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

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This assignment is logically structured. It covers P5 and M2 of unit 12 on public health. Strengths of the assignment include the layout, references to legislation and regulations and the independent written content for the M2 criterion. All of the content required by the examination board has been covered. However, at pass level there is an over reliance on the use of at least one of the core textbooks and there is no referencing nor a reference list. The assignment could be improved by using independent research which is then summarised and paraphrased and appropriately referenced.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 06/06/2013

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