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In this task I will evaluate the requirements for health care workers, in terms of them providing a competent workforce for the health sector, I will state what the continuing professional development (CPD) is

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D1- In this task I will evaluate the requirements for health care workers, in terms of them providing a competent workforce for the health sector, I will state what the continuing professional development (CPD) is and then how vital it is, I will also state how the importance of teamwork and the benefit it can be bring. What is the Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is quite simply a means of supporting people in the workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. It is an ongoing process throughout our working lives. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as an on-going, planned learning and development process, which: * enables workers to expand and fulfil their potential * contributes to work-based and personal development * can be applied or assessed against competence and organisational performance * includes any activity that increases knowledge, experience and understanding, improves performance and contributes to lifelong learning. Leaders and managers have a key responsibility to ensure individuals have personal development plans and that effective CPD systems are in place. ...read more.


Personal Attributes of Health Care Workers. Every health care worker need to have personal attributes such as honesty, patience, enthusiasm, responsibility, self-motivation/initiative and must really be a team player. Strength and weakness of Personal Attributes The strength of personal attributes is that it helps people identify wherever they can do certain jobs or not, it gives them list of attributes to which they can match with theirs and if they know that they do not have these attributes then the job is just not for them, I think personal attributes are really a great way for someone to know wherever they are perfect or suitable for a job or not without having someone judging them. It a great way to self judge our self before apply for jobs. The weakness of it is that it can put people down someone people may not have the attributes listed but they can developed it over time and be very good and successful at the things they are doing and even enjoy it. Teamwork. Just like in every health care career, being a team while working together is important. Employer or employees will be part of an interdisciplinary health care team, they will have to provide quality holistic care for every patient thus teamwork is truly important. ...read more.


When working with people they can be a lot of injustice thus the reason for these guidelines. Having guidelines to show people the correct way of dealing and treating each other is productive. The weakness of this is that even though the guidelines are there not everyone will follow them. Conclusion Overall I think that CPD is a very good think as it does work since many workplaces apply these rules so that they can support their staff ad clients. CPD it very essential as it help employers and employees do they job better, I think that if every organisations as a CPD which they followed fully organisations would be a better, safe and pleasant place for every service user. CPD also shows employers and employees that working together could benefit not only them but also the organisation, as when working together as a team work chances are that more things are done and that service users are happy with the service they are getting which at the end will only be a good result for the organisation. ?? ?? ?? ?? D1 Unit 18: Working in the sector ...read more.

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