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In this task I will examine the roles and responsibilities of key people in the promotion of health, safety and security in a health or social care setting. e.g. St.Marys Primary school.

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In this task I will examine the roles and responsibilities of key people in the promotion of health, safety and security in a health or social care setting. In the health and social care setting people that are within the care setting have different responsibilities to make sure that visitor and service users are safe and that legal requirements are fulfilled. Employees must follow the rules and work in a safe way. In one of my work placement St.Mary's Primary school there was a general guideline that was there to inform clients and employees about the policy of the school. 1. establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment throughout the school; 2. establish and maintain safe working procedures among staff and pupils; 3. make arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances; 4. ...read more.


make arrangements to draw the attention of all staff employed at the school to the school and departmental safety policies and procedures and of any relevant safety guidelines and information issued by the Authority; 4. make arrangements for the implementation of the Authority's accident reporting procedure and draw this to the attention of all staff at the school as necessary; 5. Make arrangements for informing staff and pupils, of relevant safety procedures. Other users of the school will be appropriately informed; 6. Ensure that regular safety inspections are undertaken. (A Health & Safety team will inspect all school premises and property once a term.); 7. arrange for the withdrawal, repair or replacement of any item of furniture, fitting or equipment identified as being unsafe by the Health and Safety inspection team; 8. Identify any member of staff having direct responsibility for particular safety matters and any member of staff who is specifically delegated to assist the Governors and Head teacher in the management of health and safety at the school. ...read more.


9. take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of any person who might be affected by their acts or omissions at work; 10. make themselves aware of all safety rules, procedures and safe working practices applicable to their posts; where in doubt they must seek immediate clarification from the Head teacher; 11. ensure that tools and equipment are in good condition and report any defects to the Head teacher; 12. use protective clothing and safety equipment provided and ensure that these are kept in good condition; 13. ensure that offices, general accommodation and vehicles are kept tidy; 14. Ensure that any accidents, whether or not an injury occurs, and potential hazards are reported to the Head teacher. If all these role and responsibilities are followed then health, safety and security would be promoted in the health and care setting. ?? ?? ?? ?? P4 Unit 3: Health, safety and security in Health and Social Care. ...read more.

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