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Indian Head Massage Case Study

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE CASE STUDY Profile: John is a retired postman and fireman. He is married and has one child, who has left home. He has two grand-daughters. John works 10 hours a week as an odd-job man for a restaurant so a lot of his time is spent outdoors pottering around. He drives and wears glasses. John's diet is generally healthy although he does drink red wine on a regular basis. He gave up smoking 36 years ago. John takes medication for hypertension which consists of three different tablets a day including one for fluid retention. He has varicose veins on his legs and his right knee has a tendency to swell and click. This was caused by jumping off the back of a fire engine in the 70's. He had a hernia operation in 2003. John's hair is grey but quite thick considering his age and only has a small area that is balding. ...read more.


The treatment lasted 40 minutes. I advised him to drink plenty of water and increase his water intake in general as he doesn't drink much at all. He had not yet had any breakfast so he was advised to eat a light meal rather than a cooked breakfast. We arranged an appointment for the following week. Follow up/ Client feedback After the treatment John was very pleased and said he felt great. He said that the chair had been very comfortable but it was a shame that the head rest wasn't a bit bigger for the face to fit into. He didn't experience any after effects. CASE STUDY Name: John Gender: Male Age: 67 Grey hair, slightly balding, nervous Treatment 2 The second treatment was performed on an afternoon in the conservatory again. John had a bad cough following on from a cold he had just after the last treatment. ...read more.


The treatment was performed on the Indian Head Chair using Jasmine oil again. I spent a lot of time working on the tension in John's shoulders, especially on the larger muscle on the right side. John finds that he sometimes experiences pain in his groin on the right side and thinks it is caused by the weight he carried on that side of his body when working as a postman. He doesn't feel that there is any cause for concern but I advised that if he had too much discomfort he should consult his GP. The treatment lasted for 40 minutes. In addition to the usual aftercare advice, I suggested that he takes gentle exercise on a daily basis as if he isn't at work he doesn't tend to do much. I thought that this would benefit him long term and increase his flexibility and muscle aches. Follow up/ Client feedback After the treatment John said he had enjoyed the course of treatments. He now had more of an understanding of the course that I am doing and also of complementary medicine. ...read more.

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