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Inequalities in Society - case study of two families.

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´╗┐Stephanie cooper Unit 19- Applied Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care ________________ ________________ M1- Discuss the impact of social Inequalities on groups in society ________________ Social inequalities has an impact on your physical, intellectual, emotional, social (PIES) development, this can be shown and proven by analysing the two different family case studies below. By just reading both families lifestyles I can see that family one will have more negative impact on their PIES development than family two. Family one?s physical develop may be hindered in many ways as their flat is damp, over time family one may develop respiratory issues. I believe that this family doesn?t have a good status of health, this will have a massive effect on their physical development, if they don?t have a good health they are more likely to develop diseases and illnesses more often that a person with a good status of health. With them living on the second floor the children will not be able to run around in the garden. ...read more.


This will also have an impact on the social development as tom will not be able to have friends over to play at a night time as Sam will be asleep. Another reason they will suffer socially is that the only income Lisa has is from state benefits, so she will not be able to afford to take the children to clubs and meet new people. With Lisa only getting money from benefits, she may not be able to afford good quality products and meals to eat. This will have a massive impact on the physical development of the children. If the children are getting poor quality meals they will not be getting the right amount and the right nutritional intake needed for development. Compared to family one, family two are more financially secure due to Paul, the father being an accountant; this has a big impact on the social development of the family as they will be able to afford to go to clubs and events where they will be able to socialise with others. ...read more.


Before I stated that Paul, the father, is in a secure job as an accountant, this will have a massive impact on the children?s intellectual development as the knowledge that Paul has, he will share it with his children. As family two has a four bedroom house with a large garden they have the space to run around and that will help with their physical fitness. They will have a less of a chance of being obese and developing immune system deficiencies. Also having a big garden means they will be able to have friends over and develop social skills. After evaluating both families I can see that family one has a poorer quality of life than family two. Compared to family one, family two are going to have more of a fulfilling life as they have a secure family, they have regular income from jobs, they life in their own house with a garden and have money to go on holidays. Having a pooper quality of life D1-Evaluate the impact of social inequalities in society ...read more.

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